Have they checked between the couch cushions?

According to an exclusive report from the UK Daily Mail, Germany kinda misplaced six hundred thousand of the one million “asylum seekers” (AKA Muslim invaders) they have permitted into the country.


Dear Lord. Angela Merkel would lose her head if it weren’t attached. Then again, given how many Islamic invaders she’s invited into Germany, maybe making “losing her head” jokes isn’t a good idea.

How in Lucifer’s reach do you lose six hundred thousand people?!

I can understand a hairbrush or a set of car keys.

But six hundred thousand migrants?!

Just spit-balling here, but I’ve learned through experience, when you misplace something, it’s in the very last place you look.

(once you get that, move on)

Maybe if Angela Merkel retraces her steps. Or! Have they checked between the couch cushions? You’d be amazed what you can find there.

Sure, they might not find any migrants, but they may be able to cobble together enough coins to keep paying the welfare to the four hundred thousand they haven’t lost track of.

Or behind the dryer. Check behind the dryer. I don’t know what it is about dryers, but lost items seem to migrate there. And since we’re taking about migrants …

Too bad they didn’t inject a Lojack-like micro-transmitter when each invader arrived. Oh, well. Hindsight’s twenty-twenty.

I had a friend who bought her mother a special key-fob that included a device that, when you clapped your hands together, would emit a little beep. In the mornings, she could hear her mother going through the house clapping her hands and muttering, “Bloody hell!” when the key-fob wouldn’t beep back.

I guess that option is probably a little inconvenient. And given that they lost six hundred thousand people, that would be a hell of a lot of clapping. Though, if they began a publicity campaign with, “If you believe Angela Merkel is an ass hat, clap your hands,” they could probably get most of Germany clapping. Not to mention every resident of the entire European Union.

My guess is, quite a few of those six hundred thousand are freely roaming through the whole of the continent. Just six hundred thousand more gifts to the European people courtesy of Angela Merkel.

Way to go making her Person of the Year, Time. If you had any sense, you’d be deeply ashamed by now. Of course, you have no sense which is why you made her Person of the Year to begin with.

Perhaps this is in bad taste, but does it surprise anyone else that Germany has become so inept at keeping track of people? They had no problems tracking every single Jew in Europe during the thirties and forties. And that was before computers, GPS devices and microchips. Then again, maybe they only excel at tracking the people they want to get rid of. And since Angela is welcoming these invaders in by the hundreds of thousands, maybe her government just isn’t bothering to look for them.

Inept government is never good. But inept government coupled with an utter lack of interest in national sovereignty or the safety of its citizens is, well, Germany.

Have they checked between the couch cushions

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3 thoughts on “Have they checked between the couch cushions?

  • January 23, 2016 at 11:48 pm

    I wonder how many “refugees are lost in America. Her is another view of the european side of this coin: http://blog.ushanka.us/2016/01/we-want-our-europe-not-your-union.html

    Seems like they are as pissed off as we are at this goverment zero Bullsh!t. We the People don’t want this, yet the Govt just keeps ramming it down our throats. We are told that it is the right thing to do, and that we are on the wrong side of history if we don’t agree. The Europeans aren’t happy about it either. But notice it is thier YOUNG people who are protesting these Govt over-reach resettlement programs. Here in America it seems to be the older generation Tea Party types. The young folk think iits cool dawg we all gotta live together and sh!t, DUUUDE! They are killing thier future with this COEXIST, and can’t we all just get along, crap! The Progressive Agenda is like a giant Anaconda. Slowly winding itself around the our necks and squeezing the life out of our Nation. Resit we much?

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