He could’a been a contender

Say, did you know the only reason Chris Christie lost the 2016 primaries was because of Donald Trump?

Stop laughing!

Yup. Chris Christie believes, but for Donald Trump entering the race, he could’a been a contender.


Come on, now. Stop laughing!

From the New York Post:

“It’s incredibly frustrating to think to yourself, ‘Wow, if this guy were not in the race, we’d win this thing,’” Christie told NJ.com, describing internal polling by his campaign. “And I absolutely believe if Trump had not gotten into the race, I think we would have won.”

Oh, brother. Come on, Chris. Who on earth do you think you’re kidding?

Just to refresh your memory, Christie didn’t even come in second or third or fourth or fifth or …(I think you get the idea).

If I’m not mistaken, contender Christie didn’t even win a single delegate.

Hell, even Jeb Bush won three.

In fact, Christie the contender left the race after the New Hampshire primary.

But for some reason, Chris Christie really does believe that the guy who ruined his chances for the Presidency is Donald J. Trump.

Let’s be honest. To believe that is nothing short of magical thinking. Maybe that wackadoodle psychiatrist should get Chris on her couch.

If I had to guess, without Donald Trump, the nomination would have come down to Cruz, Rubio or Jeb! — meaning Hillary would be president today.

But that’s just conjecture on my part. (Not the Hillary being president thing. I’m convinced Trump is the only one who could have beaten her.)

Any old how.

What I can tell you is in a hypothetical Trumpless primary, Chris Christie wouldn’t have made it past Super Tuesday.

And here I thought John Kasich was delusional.


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3 thoughts on “He could’a been a contender

  • January 8, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    I think Cruz (for whom I campaigned vehemently) was the only other candidate that had a shot, but you could be right. Trump’s mastery over the Media (which continues to this day) clearly won the day, generating $2B worth of coverage for free, and although I still believe in Ted’s principles, he definitely couldn’t have managed that. Either way, we’ll never know, and I have to say how pleasantly surprised I am at how mostly Conservative Trump – the lifelong Democrat – has turned out to be!

    • January 8, 2018 at 3:39 pm

      I’m right there with ya but I think Cruz will eventually see the WH as POTUS.

  • January 8, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    Christie is a legend in his own mind.

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