Here’s hoping Pudgy Ana never shuts her donut hole

Half of CNN’s “talent” should write off their Twitter accounts and on-air appearances as an in-kind donation to Trump’s reelection campaign.  Their smug, entitled condescension is the best GOTV effort for Trump voters ever.  That goes double for CNN’s plus-size pundit the Pudgy Ana Navarro.

And not just double because Pudgy Ana is plus-size.

Her hateful hot takes are the gift that keeps on giving.  And I hope Pudgy Ana never shuts her donut hole.

If voters need a reminder of just what our media betters think of us, Pudgy Ana is there to deliver.

Frankly, it’s a miracle she can drag herself away from the buffet table long enough to issue her hateful commentary.  But maybe she’s perfected the skill of simultaneously packing in the grub while typing one-handed on her iPad.

I mentioned the other day that both Emerson and Rasmussen show 34% support for President Trump among black voters.

Naturally Pudgy Ana was not very happy about this news.

Yeah.  Kind of an ugly thing to say, isn’t it?

As Julie Kelly pointed out Pudgy Ana managed to be classist, racist and sexist all in one tweet.

This is just more of the same smug elitism we’ve come to expect from our media “betters.”

Pudgy Ana insults Ben Carson, Sheriff Clarke, Kanye, and Diamond & Silk not because they’re black, but because they are blacks who defy the pigeon hole that smug, entitled wastes of skin like Ana Navarro think they belong.

But Plus-Size Barbie is just as ugly and vicious to white people, Latinos, women, men — pretty much anyone who supports President Trump.

It isn’t the racist element of this tweet I find so disgusting. It’s the dripping condescension and overall meanness toward ordinary people. She isn’t just insulting those five people. She’s dismissing and insulting the 34% of blacks who support President Trump.

I’ve said for three years, it isn’t Donald Trump they hate.  They hate us.

They hate us for ignoring their oh so important opinions and voting as we choose.

And they hate us for having the temerity to think that we have a say in our self-government.

Pudgy Ana is a bitter, angry wretch to be sure. But her anger tweeting is the best gift to Trump’s reelection effort. Clearly she learned nothing from 2016. So not only is she bitter and angry, she’s also dumb as a post.

This is a point I’ve made several times:  Trump is the master insulter.  But what he never does is insult or attack voters.  He reserves his insults for hateful elitists and establishment hacks like Plus Size Barbie here.  Most of the time when we get attacked by these assholes, Trump hits back at them.  Most notably when Hillary called us deplorable or when that codger John McCain called Arizonans “crazies.”

Meanwhile, virtually every CNN “personality” directs their vitriol, not just at Trump, but at us voters.

They call us racists and White Supremacists.

They sneeringly mock us as gap-toothed “garbage people.”

Just this weekend, Jeff Zucker’s Mini-Me accused us of being a cult.

And, of course, we’re deplorable and irredeemable.

From Hollywood celebrities to politicians to fat, useless goblins like Ana Navarro – none of these people hesitate to turn their bile on ordinary Americans.

I’ll say it again. Ana Navarro wasn’t just insulting and demeaning Ben Carson, Sheriff Clarke, Kanye, and Diamond & Silk. She was insulting the 34% of ordinary private citizens who responded favorably to Trump in those two polls.

Pudgy Ana doesn’t even realize just how unifying these kinds of nasty attacks are.

Sure, this useless tub of lard will get likes and retweets from likeminded hive-dwellers. But this kind of hateful nastiness isn’t going to drive people away from Trump.

It will, however, help to wake voters up to the fact that these so-called “betters” are nothing of the sort.

So keep popping off, Ana.  Your smug, ugly condescension will make that stunned disbelief that will crawl all over your face on election night all the more Schadenfreuderiffic.

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5 thoughts on “Here’s hoping Pudgy Ana never shuts her donut hole

  • November 26, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    Good one Pat.

    Ana is one nasty, racist, POS of a human being that’s for sure.

  • November 26, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    In the New Democrat Party, “elephantine” is the new “relevant”. It’ll “almost” get you elected Governor.

  • November 26, 2019 at 7:19 pm

    “34% of blacks who support President Trump”

    If the Mooch waddles into the race that number will drop to 3.4%

  • November 27, 2019 at 12:12 am

    Hoi, once you go Orange, you never go bananas.

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