The “hidden” photograph and the dishonesty of Charles Blow

In the wee hours of the morning Wednesday, I happened across this tweet from NYT columnist Charles Blow.

Now, on its face, this tweet is so tone-deaf, I immediately decided I would write about it when I got up.

But the longer I stared at the ceiling wishing for sleep, the less interested in this tweet I became. After all, Charles Blow has a reputation for being a clueless knob. And, really, what influence over anything does he really have?

By the time I got up Wednesday morning, I decided to drop it.

But then yesterday, this picture was released.

Hidden photo and charles blow

And the story behind it was unbelievable.

The photo “journalist” who shot this picture in 2005 agreed to keep it on the down low so as not to harm Barack Obama’s bright political future.

And the photo stayed hidden for thirteen years.

Why? Because nobody in our Enslaved Press would ever violate the code of silence surrounding Barack Obama and his questionable past.

Now, let’s revisit that tweet from Charles Blow.

Do you guys remember hearing the name Larry Sinclair?

Sinclair, a gay man from Chicago, made claims in 2008 that he had cocaine-fueled sex with then-State Senator Barack Obama.

Though some blogs wrote about it – particularly – the mainstream news media wouldn’t touch the story.

But of course they wouldn’t.

Unlike Donald Trump whose entire life has played out in the public eye, Barack Obama’s entire life was a closely-guarded secret.

From his Marxist upbringing to his college transcripts to his trolling the famous “Boy’s Town” neighborhood of Chicago — none of it was ever pursued by the so-called “Free and Independent Press.”

Writing for HillBuzz in a post ironically published September 11, 2012, Kevin DuJan – a gay man from Chicago – wrote:

I’ve always been surprised that no reporter has ever bothered to take the time to come to Chicago and camp out in the gay bars here to get the scoop on the current President of the United States – and by “camp out” I don’t mean dress up in drag and be boisterous, but rather to spend a couple of weeks becoming “a regular” in these kinds of places, chatting up the locals, and generously tipping the bartenders until everyone knows your name (the one you choose to give them, at least) and they let down their guard and start telling you tales of Barack’s bathhouse adventures before he became a US Senator (and later the President).
I really believe the “reporters” out there just don’t want to know the truth about this man.

And DuJan is partially right. But it isn’t that they didn’t want to know. It’s that they didn’t want us to know.

Given Obama’s “down-low” past, it isn’t difficult for me to imagine that while Michelle was pregnant, he was in Boy’s Town trolling for men.

The difference, Charles Blow, is you in the so-called “Free and Independent Press” would never in a million years let that kind of story come to light.

When Sarah Palin wrote her book “Going Rogue,” the Associated Press sent eleven reporters to Alaska to fact-check it.

But nobody wanted to touch Barack Obama’s past.

Not because they didn’t think there would be anything explosive or damning. But because they knew there was.

And if the American people learned the truth, the news media’s chosen candidate wouldn’t have risen to the Oval Office. Instead, he would have sputtered out like a wet fart.

So in light of that reality, Charles Blow’s insipid tweet is unbelievably dishonest.

Here’s the one thing the so-called ResistanceLOL fails to comprehend.

We went into the 2016 election with our eyes wide open.

Donald Trump was an open book to voters – both because his life was so public for decades and because the news media dissected every moment of it during the election in order to try and scuttle his candidacy.

When we walked into the polls on November 8, 2016, we knew candidate Trump was a twice divorced man who lived most of his life as a playboy celebrity. And we voted for him anyway.

But when Americans voted in 2008, candidate Obama was a complete mystery. And he remained that way because the news media kept his secrets hidden to make sure voters were not able to make an informed decision.

And the release of this hidden photo is damning evidence of just that.

Charles Blow is being mind-bogglingly dishonest here.

But then again, that is the track record of the Enslaved Press for the entire time Barack Obama was both running for President and serving as President.

And the release of this photograph is just yet another example of how the so-called “Free and Independent Press” abdicated their role as journalists and deliberately lied to the American people — all to ensure that this radical made it to the White House.

So take your disingenuous “What-About” games, Charles, and blow ’em out your ass.

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3 thoughts on “The “hidden” photograph and the dishonesty of Charles Blow

  • January 26, 2018 at 10:37 am

    Obama was never a mystery to me. I spotted him for the subversive piece of excrement that he is.

  • January 26, 2018 at 3:52 pm

    The Press has been dishonest for many decades, Before “Barry” they hid the truth about Jimmy (I voted for Jimmy, only to belatedly find out what the Press had hidden). Before Jimmy it was the Marxist Great uncle of the man in the pic at the top of your blog.

    I was too young to know but I would bet they kept a lot of dirt on FDR hidden.

    I wish I could say I’m shocked to find out how corrupt America’s press is. But the shock actually came over 50 years ago. I now expect them to lie to me. they do not let me down!

  • January 26, 2018 at 8:58 pm

    Larry Sinclair’s mother has publicly stated that her son, who sang in the choir at Rev. Wright’s church, was murdered because of the gay relationship with Barry. She feared for her life if she said anything. This poor mother lost her only son to mysterious foul play and all was swept under the rug even today.

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