Hillary crashes college dance party, takes credit for the crowds

What’s the best way to get thousands of millennials to turn up for a Hillary campaign rally? Why, hold a big-ass dance party on campus then have Hillary crash it.

Works like a charm.

Of course the sight of a large crowd of college students enticed by a celebrity DJ gave the Enslaved Press the opportunity to report that a “record crowd of supporters” turned up to see Hillary Clinton at Ohio State.

Let’s face it, those headlines are going to sound so much better than, “Crowd of thousands disgusted when Hillary crashes dance party.”

On Planet Earth we call this “the old bait and switch.”

Entice them with a famous DJ, then once you’ve got them there partying their brains out, shove Hillary signs in their sweaty hands and have Granny take the stage.

Let’s be honest, we know what would have happened if the celebrity DJ wasn’t there and all they had was Hillary Clinton and whatever bitter feminist she used as a warm-up act. Only two or three hundred of those college students would have bothered to attend.

But no matter. Hillary got what she wanted – headlines crowing about the “massive crowd” that came to see her as “Donald Trump flounders.”

And by “flounders” they mean “holds rally before record-setting crowd in Wilkes Barre.”

See what I mean about Hillary running her campaign like it’s Reality TV?

And the Enslaved Press are more than happy to play the role of her PR firm while she does it.


Hat tip The Gateway Pundit

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