Hillary’s Secret Weapon

Over on the alternative universe known as Hillary Clinton’s Twitter feed, I noticed that Hillary retweeted this tweet:

Apparently we’re all supposed to want to vote for Hillary because she got the endorsement of her husband.

I think Heidi Cruz also endorses her spouse for President, but that’s just conjecture on my part.

Isn’t promoting the fact that your husband thinks you’d be “the best qualified person” for President kind of like having your mother as a reference on a job application?

It’s just one notch above taking a hot cousin to the prom.

Now, if Bill were to say whom he believes is the most qualified person for an unscheduled “nooner,” I’m guessing Hillary wouldn’t be his pick.

But again, that too is conjecture.

Something tells me things are pretty bad for Team Hillary if they need to illicit the help of that old has-been horn-dog.

Hillarys Secret Weapon

The CNN National Poll released on Christmas Eve contains some grim news for the Democrat Party.

Of those surveyed, only 19% of Democrats were extremely enthusiastic about voting in 2016. By comparison, 36% of Republicans surveyed were extremely enthusiastic.

This enthusiasm gap spells trouble for Hillary Clinton like nothing else. Now, I don’t believe oodles of Democrat voters will head out to the polls in November and vote for the Republican, but I do think they would opt instead to simply stay home. Voter turnout is key. An enthusiasm gap of 17 points is disastrous.

In my opinion, Hillary Clinton is the reason Democrats aren’t extremely enthusiastic about voting.

They are stuck with her in 2016. Nobody likes it. But there you go.

For some reason, the Clinton Campaign believes Bill Clinton will be Hillary’s Secret Weapon to the White House. Lately, the campaign has thrust Bill to the forefront hoping his supposed popularity will boost Hillary by extension.

Even the Wall Street Journal is writing that the Clinton Camp’s decision to pull Billy boy off the bench could hurt Hillary. They argue that Bill will outshine and overshadow his far less popular wife.

But I’m not so sure Bill’s presence will help lift Hillary out of the toilet as far as her own likeability goes. And I think the Wall Street Journal is overstating Bill’s own popularity with today’s Obama-driven, far-Left Democrat Party.

It just isn’t 1998 anymore.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people within the Republican Establishment wax on about how Ronald Reagan would not be able to win the nomination with today’s Republican base.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It isn’t the base that abandoned the Reagan wing of the party. The base IS the Reagan wing of the party.

It was the Establishment that never embraced Reagan conservatism. They seem to forget that. The Establishment, in claiming this, acts as if they supported Ronald Reagan in 1980. They did not. They were all in for George HW Bush back in 1980. They despised Reagan much the same way they despise Ted Cruz. They believed that Reagan was unelectable with the same intensity with which they believed Romney was the only candidate who could beat Obama in 2012.

If Ronald Reagan were running in 2016, I have no doubt he would be the favorite among the Republican voting base and the modern-day Establishment would be criticizing him for being “too extreme,” “too far to the right” and nowhere near as electable as Jeb Bush or John Kasich.

But, the little exercise got me thinking about the modern-day Democrat party.

All things being equal, if Bill Clinton were the Democrat governor of Arkansas today and decided to run for President this year, would he have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the nomination?

No. A world of no. A thousand gallons of no.

Bill Clinton ran as a “moderate” in 1992. He billed himself as a “middle of the road,” working class Democrat. He gained appeal among the very Democrat voters who today have abandoned the Obama-Democrat Party.

Bill Clinton would get eaten alive in the 2016 Democrat Primary.

He is all the things the modern Democrat Party has abandoned. He is a white man. He is from the south. He is part of the now-extinct “blue Dog” moderate Democrats.

The modern-day Democrat base would be more likely to vote for Martin O’Malley than they would the Bill Clinton of 1992 if for no other reason than O’Malley wants illegals to get free healthcare.

In the modern-day Democrat Party, Bill Clinton would be as much of a dinosaur as Jim Webb turned out to be.

Clinton’s modern-day popularity stems more from a sense of nostalgia than anything else. Unlike Obama, Bill Clinton’s Presidency actually occurred when we still had a viable, booming economy. And that had less to do with Clinton’s policies and more to do with the strength, ferocity and longevity of the Reagan economic boom that roared along a full twelve years after Reagan left office. Of course, it also helped Clinton that in 1994 the Newt Gingrich House rose up and became a strong and decisive opposition holding a the Democrat President in check — preventing him from destroying all the economic advances we enjoyed because of Reagan.

The famous Clinton Economy was in spite of Clinton, not because of him.

The truth is, as Liberal as Clinton may have been, he was not an ideologue like Obama. Unlike Obama who doesn’t give a damn what voters want, Billy boy was obsessed with opinion polls. Like an insecure high school kid, Clinton wanted to be liked. And so when he saw voters responding favorably to what Gingrich and the boys were doing, he capitulated. In that respect, Bill Clinton has more in common with the modern-day Republican leadership in Congress than he does with the modern-day Democrat Party.

In today’s climate, Bill Clinton would be laughed off the campaign stage by a Democrat base that has become far more radical, far more extreme and far more socialist.

Hillary’s hoping to ride on Bill Clinton’s coattails to win is just one more example of the Clinton Campaign’s sheer desperation to overcome Hillary’s own likeability deficit.

Face it, this woman would glom on to a ham sandwich if some poll showed a ham sandwich is more popular than she is.

Hillary needs Bill Clinton to help drag her across the finish line. In and of herself, she has nothing Americans want.

We don’t trust her.

We don’t like her.

The problem is, Bill Clinton isn’t going to be much help in closing the enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats who still like him are already willing to vote for Hillary. And the Democrats who are furious that they’re stuck with Hillary see him as a has-been dinosaur from a different age.

Even in the 1990s when Bill was exceedingly popular, his greatest liability was his shrewish, abrasive wife. But it’s not the 1990s anymore. Bill doesn’t have that same kind of appeal, and Hillary is just as shrewish and abrasive as she was then.

At the end of the day, Democrat voters are stuck with a dud. They know it. Hell, even the DNC knows it. Why else would Debbie Wasserman-Schultz need to grease the skids for Hillary?

And given the current far-left environment of the Democrat base, I just don’t think Bill can do much to change that.

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