Turns out Hillary Clinton is historic. Just not in the way she would want.

The former Miss Rodham made history this week when, according to Gallup, she hit the lowest favorable rating ever.

That’s pretty damn historic.

Gallup didn’t start rating Hillary Clinton’s favorable/unfavorable numbers until 1992. And in the subsequent years, her favorable ratings have hovered somewhere between the mid-forties to low 60s depending on the year.

Hillary enjoyed her highest favorable number (67%) in 1998 — right about the time America was learning just how Bill had done her wrong with Monica Lewinsky.

Apparently she totally carried the pity vote.

The worm certainly has turned, however. Today, Hillary Clinton’s favorable rating hit the all-time low of 38%.

From the graph Gallup supplies (you can see it HERE), the precipitous plummet in her favorable numbers appears to coincide with the start of her 2016 Presidential campaign.

Rush is right. The more Americans are subjected to Hillary Clinton, the less they like the bitch.

The Bitch is Back

At the rate Hillary’s favorability is plunging, I would venture to say the likelihood that she enjoys the “post-Convention bounce” is pretty slim. She’ll have about as much bounce as an airless basketball.

There’s still room for Hillary to drop even lower. If WikiLeaks follows through with their threats and releases hacked emails from Hillary’s private server, we probably haven’t seen the end to this favorability nose-dive.

Making history!!!

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4 thoughts on “HISTORIC!!!

  • July 26, 2016 at 9:02 pm

    No worries, she HAS a plan. Notice how puny ole Bill has been looking of late. Geez Louise, imagine the sympathy vote she could claim if his old wrinkled a$$ were to up and die just before the election. CHA-CHING!! The $,$$$,$$$.$$ would be rolling in, the voting machines would be a whirring, and BAAMMM, she is back in dah house yawl! Quoting George Thuroughgood: “Move over lil dog, cause the big dog is moving in. Move it on over, Slide it on Over…” Please everyone, Pray for Bill Clinton’s continued good health and long life.

  • July 27, 2016 at 12:59 am

    You know, Hillary could still be historic as the first woman presidential candidate to be prevented from taking office because of incarceration.

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