I hope Alyssa never takes too close a look at her life

Hot on the heels of making it all the way to Number 2 in Dianny’s Ten Most Tiresome People of 2017, it looks like Alyssa Milano is already vying for the top spot in 2018.

Just a few hours after posting my 2017 list, Alyssa tweeted out this:

Oh, honey.

You’re an adult; you’re a parent for heaven’s sake.

And this is how you act?

Good grief.

Just how pathetic an existence must you have to use Twitter as group therapy?

I just cannot fathom being so fragile. Nor can I conceive of a situation where I would admit to the general public that I’m a pathetic porcelain princess.

This is the ResistanceLOL, my friends – hypersensitive fragile flowers who curl into the fetal position over President Trump’s tweets.

As Kurt Schlichter is fond of saying:

I imagine it won’t be long before a weeping Alyssa lifts her iPhone in her trembling hands tweets, “He broke me.”

And while Alyssa lies helplessly in the fetal position with a tiara perched on her head, brave Persian women are shedding their head coverings in defiance of the mullahs.

That’s real courage.

That’s real Resistance.

Suddenly I understand the modern American feminists’ choice of hat. They really are pussies.

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  • January 1, 2018 at 2:54 am

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