How long before the Bulwark hires the Krassenstein boys?

The Bulwark

CPAC was this weekend.  In case you were wondering.

And, just to prove how tirelessly they are conserving Conservatism, The Bulwark hired Leftist pro-abortion activist Molly Jong-Fast to be their reporter on the ground at CPAC.

Because when I hear “Conservatism Conserved,” I think far-Left, pro-abortion Molly Jong-Fast.

So much for “principled conservatives.”

At this point, I’m wondering how long before The Bulwark hires the Twin Trump Trolls Brian and Ed Krassenstein.

Or, worse…

But I will say this for The Bulwark.  They managed to unite both Trump-supporting and Trump-skeptical conservatives in their disgust over Jong-Fast joining that sinking ship.

And rather than admit it was a tremendously bad idea to utilize someone completely antithetical to conservatism to help The Bulwark “conserve” Conservatism, Bill Kristol and Charlie Sykes doubled down.

You know, it’s one thing to read someone with whom you disagree, Charlie.

It’s another thing entirely to promote your website as conserving Conservatism while employing a writer who is antithetical to all things Conservative.

And the fact that this nonsensical douche Charlie Sykes doesn’t seem to grasp what the so-called “mission” of The Bulwark is, is … well … just a wee bit sad.

Ah, yes.  The way to “conserve” Conservatism is to “trigger the snowflakes on the right.”

What an utter prat.

And by “lively,” Captain Stubing here means, “Insulting everybody we don’t like while alienating everyone who might have actually read our garbage website.”

In a way, I’m enjoying watching these “True Conservatives” from the S.S. Never Trump make complete clowns of themselves.

Their hatred for the President has caused them to jettison their so-called “principles” and abandon conservatism altogether.  Just how lacking in self-awareness must The Bulwark staff be that they can’t even see what they’re doing?

As Julie Kelly put it so perfectly in her latest column at American Greatness:

The reality is that anti-Trumpers such as Sykes and Kristol have devolved into the vapid, juvenile, petty bullies they claim to detest. Their coddling of leftists and progressives hostile to every conservative principle exposes their rampant hypocrisy; their arrogance is worthy of mockery.

I couldn’t say it better.

The fact is, The Bulwark is a haven for hateful trolls with more in common with the childish and laughable Krassenstein boys than any true, William F. Buckley-style Conservative.

And when their snotty website crashes into the rocks and sinks like the Titanic, don’t be surprised if I do a little happy dance.

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3 thoughts on “How long before the Bulwark hires the Krassenstein boys?

  • March 3, 2019 at 8:21 pm

    I thought Charlie Sykes, in your picture, was a young Mort Kondracke. Wonder where he went.

  • March 3, 2019 at 10:49 pm

    And by “lively,” Captain Stubing here means””” Wouldn’t Captain “Stumbling” be more apropos.

  • March 4, 2019 at 12:11 pm

    I live in Madison and listened to Charlie for quite a while. When President Trump got nominated he went balls to the wall Never Trump.

    He claimed he had planned to retire b4 the campaign. I call b.s. I’m sure the station mgmt told him retire or you’re fired. He did not fit their format after he went bat crap crazys.

    Should have hear him when Ted won the primary. I voted Cruz because I wanted primaries to streatch out a bit more and liked Ted. Knew he wasn’t getting the nomination. Sykes et. al. thought it meant Wisconsin was solid anti Trump. Look how that worked out. Hahaha.

    Sykes is scum and should be basically ignored. Glad he’s not in Wisconsin anymore.

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