Human Events is back

Human Events is back

Human Events — Ronald Reagan’s favorite publication — is back under the guiding hands of Will Chamberlain and Raheem Kassam.

I’ve added Human Events to the blog roll.  But you’ll may just want to bookmark it as well.

They relaunched just this morning and the introductory editorial gives provides the perfect window into the mission of the new Human Events.

Here’s just a bit of the editorial, but definitely read the whole thing:

The headline of this editorial reads, ‘Things have changed’, and in many ways they’ve changed for the worse.

Anti-semitism has reared its ugly head again – in the ranks of the fringe alt-right and the “woke” left. The United States and its allies are war weary, and risk being outmaneuvered on the world stage by authoritarian regimes like China and Iran.

The abortion debate is still raging, and almost more than anything, the stress on the family unit and community-based life is in rapid and alarming decline. The border is a disaster. Opioids are ravaging the interior of the country.

And perhaps most distressingly, free speech is in peril. The media landscape and the broader culture have shifted markedly to the left. Big tech companies are using their monopoly power to censor conservatives, while indulging the whims of repressive governments around the world. Leftists have embraced “anti-fascist” political violence, while the media turns a blind eye.

In the face of these challenges, we expect the President – and Republican officeholders around the country – to use the lawful means at their disposal to achieve conservative policy goals. Period.

This is no time for “peacetime” Republicans. This is a time for brawlers.

And we are here to brawl.

“We are here to brawl.” That gave me a happy.  In fact, think of the new Human Events as the anti-Bulwark.

In lieu of running internet ads, Human Events is inviting readers to become “Founding Fathers.”

It’s only $17.76 A month.  In fact, I signed up yesterday.  And I encourage you all to consider joining.  Just GO HERE to join.

Take some time to check out the new Human Events.  It’s maiden issue features articles from Jack Posobiec and Donald Trump Jr. – as well as founders Will Chamberlain and Raheem Kassam.

So welcome back Human Events. And good luck to Will and Raheem. I look forward to great things from you guys.

Go see it HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Human Events is back

  • May 1, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    I could not agree more! We are in a vicious battle against the dirtiest street fighters
    imaginable and it is time to ditch the Marquis de Queensbury rules. When dealing
    with an opponent that can be likened to rival Mafia bosses, we need the Godfather
    as the Consigliere, not Tom Hagen.

    And while we are at it, every elected Republican needs to unlace his or her gloves
    and go bare knuckle. If anyone does not jump on the Trump agenda and endorse
    him without reservation they deserve to lose but without the kind of unity the
    Democrats demand of their own, we might lose big next year.

    The best we can do is primary the RINOs and support the hell out of the nominees.
    Voter complacency is what got us in this mess and the ballot box is the only thing
    left short of a revolution. I normally reject conspiracy theories, but a political party
    just attempted a coup against a duly elected president.

  • May 2, 2019 at 9:56 am


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