Idiot Leftists keep doubling-down on National Anthem protests

The other day, Breitbart reported on a survey that shows that the majority of Americans agree with the President regarding the National Anthem protests.

And despite this, the Left just keeps doubling-down on them.


Well, Leftists are far too narcissistic and self-absorbed to notice that the majority of the country is not with them on this.

I’ve said before that Leftists are like American tourists in a foreign country who think the only reason they aren’t understood is because they’re not shouting loudly enough.

Rather than take a step back and learn how the country feels about these protests, they just yell louder — all the while thinking we’re on their side.

The latest faux outrage is over a Louisiana High School’s decision to require athletes to stand for the National Anthem or lose their place on the team.

And naturally, to the Left, this is just like Nazi Germany!!!!!

Talcum X had this to say about it:

To which the Hollywood B-List Actress who wants to teach her child right and wrong responded:

First to Talcum X’s tweet.

How is this high school “following Trump’s order” when President Trump has made no such order? He has not issued an executive action or any official presidential decree requiring public school athletes to stand for the National Anthem.

So what “order” of President Trump’s are they following?

Keep in mind that in 2016, President Barack Obama actually “ordered” all public schools across the country to permit boys in the girls’ bathroom and girls in the boys’ bathroom. And, if they didn’t comply with his order, the school would lose Federal funding.

See, that is an order.

President Trump saying NFL players should stand and show respect for the country is not a presidential order.

It’s what we on Planet Earth call “an opinion.”

Students in public high schools can be sent home for wearing an American flag T-shirt. They have been ordered by school officials not to chant “USA! USA!” Students have been ordered to remove any American flags from their vehicles while on school grounds or face suspension.

For Pete’s sake, a young boy was suspended for biting a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun.

I don’t recall Talcum X getting all breathless and outraged over any of that.

Of course he didn’t.

And now, let’s talk about everybody’s favorite witless foil Alyssa Milano.

“My god. What are we teaching our children?”

Well, this particular high school is teaching them that if they want to play on the football team, they will follow the rules set out by the school.

You know, something that’s pretty common at high schools.

Also, the school is making it clear that there are always consequences to your actions – something schools should be teaching children.

And I think it’s fair to say that this is a school where the adults, and not the petulant children, are the ones calling the shots.

Call me crazy, but I think that should be the case at every school.

And of course, they are teaching children to show respect both for our flag and our nation.

What kind of monsters are they?!

But let me give Alyssa a hypothetical.

Let’s say a couple boys on the team decided to throw up a Nazi salute during the National Anthem.

Tell me, Alyssa. Would you defend their right to free speech and support their decision to do something so reprehensible?

Something tells me you wouldn’t tweet out “My god. What are we teaching our children?” if the school kicked them off the team.

My guess, like me, you would be disgusted by their contempt and disrespect for our flag and our country.

After all, you’re the one who got triggered by the sight of Christmas elves doing what you called a Nazi salute – which you then blamed on Steve Bannon.

See, here’s the problem the Left has.

When it comes to the National Anthem protests, the country isn’t with them.

So they have to somehow turn these protests into something noble – standing up to a tyrant that exists only in their fevered dreams.

But it isn’t working.

The longer this stays in the news, the more irritated and angry the American people are becoming.

I read this morning that some NFL teams are announcing that they will all remain standing for the National Anthem at their next games.

Clearly the league is already feeling the pinch from angered fans boycotting the games.

But unlike the teams, the committed Leftists won’t turn back.

And as I’ve said before. This is a problem with the Left. They always push too hard and too far.

And the more they push, the more disgusted and angry we become.

Even if every NFL team decided to scrap the National Anthem protests entirely, these idiots will keep doubling down.

They’re just too self-absorbed and angry to do anything else.

So instead, they will go further and further out on a limb.

And, trust me, that limb is about to break.

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7 thoughts on “Idiot Leftists keep doubling-down on National Anthem protests

  • September 29, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    Well said Dianny!

  • September 29, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    I became a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan back when Navy vet Roger Staubach led “America’s Team.” My family knew NEVER to make plans when the ‘Boys were on. Thanksgiving dinner was served at halftime. It was the one professional sport I still loved, but no more. Too many have died to protect these morons’ right to protest. The Hell with these ungrateful, overpaid, simpleminded NFL thugs. They’ll never see another dime from me. I’ve cancelled my NFL Sunday Ticket after 20 years and will no longer attend games. And I’m not alone. Ex-fans all over the country are burning Jerseys. A total boycott is planned for Veterans Day. Pretty soon NFL will stand for No Fans Left. In the words of another Cowboy legend, Dandy Don Meredith, Turn out the lights, the party’s over.

  • September 29, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    I wish I had 2 more hands so I could give this post 4 thumbs up.

  • September 29, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    “Talcum X” – you are brilliant, Dianny!

    • September 29, 2017 at 5:57 pm

      Oh, I can’t take credit for that. It’s been around for a while now.

  • October 1, 2017 at 1:14 am

    Idiots! What have they accomplished? Black on black murder rate down in Chicago? Doubtful.

    The NFL, NBA and their sponsors need to see the consequences of obliging mediocre athletes disrespecting OUR flag and OUR country. If its that bad, get the F out! Other wise, try to qualify to join the real team: USA, USN, USMC, USAF, USCG, any law enforcement or fire fighting department.

  • October 1, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    that article was a great read. Well worth sharing. Thanks D.

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