“I’m sorry you don’t believe me” isn’t an apology


A lot is being made of Joy Reid’s so-called apology on her show this morning over posts from her now-defunct blog where she made anti-gay comments.

But if that was an apology, I’m blond and leggy.

What Joy seems to be sorry about isn’t that she wrote those posts. Instead, she seems sorry that you don’t believe that she didn’t write those posts.

It’s like when Hillary Clinton apologizes for you misunderstanding her.

It’s amazing what you can get away with when you’re a Leftists.

Come on, Joy. You spent the last week claiming that your now-defunct blog was hacked and those posts added in to make you look bad.

That claim fell apart faster than grandma’s sweater in the spin cycle.

And as soon as her “I was hacked” excuse was exposed, Joy shifts to “I genuinely do not believe I wrote those hateful things.”

How stupid does Joy Reid think her audience is anyway?

Actually, apparently her audience is stupid. If you read through the comments from MSNBC’s tweet of her “apology,” they’re all buying it.

And I think Joy knew they would. She knew she could offer up this non-apology apology then spend the rest of the show sucking up to a guest panel of gay people, and fans would be licking her hand like a big, dumb dog.

Joy’s problem is those old posts aren’t the only proof of her bigotry. Her Twitter feed had plenty of examples of her smearing people as being gay or trannies. And that more than anything is why she felt it necessary to suck up to a guest panel of gays for absolution.

And it’ll be enough for her fans who cling to her every lie, distortion and quickly disproven “news reporting.”

The truth is, Joy Reid isn’t a hack because of her anti-gay posts from a decade ago.

She’s a hack because of her long history of lying, slandering, and pushing fabricated stories.

And with a history like that, it shouldn’t come as a shock to her that we don’t believe her claims that she didn’t write these posts.

On a side note:
Though I’m still under the weather, I haven’t gotten sicker. And that’s a good thing! Thanks for the get well wishes. I appreciate them.

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One thought on ““I’m sorry you don’t believe me” isn’t an apology

  • April 29, 2018 at 8:36 am

    It just absolutely chaps my ass that black liberals can say or do almost anything and get away with it.If people of pallor say anything they’re raaacciisssss.

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