Is Bernie Getting Screwed? The Shadow Knows

If you pay for a caucus App with a name like “Shadow,” you should expect that things won’t happen in the cool, clear light of day.

I was wrong yesterday when I said that the Iowa Caucus would be a circus.  Because this isn’t a circus; it’s a dumpster fire.  Thanks to the Iowa Democrats’ putting their fate in the hands of “Shadow.”

As yet we still don’t have any idea what the results are.  But from where I sit, it looks like the DNC might be once again screwing with Bernie Sanders.

Just how desperate are the Democrats to keep Bernie from getting the nomination?

Well, desperate enough to make a mockery out of the Iowa Caucus while making a fool of itself.

This “Shadow” App that was created to transmit results worked about as well as the Obamacare website.

Iowa Democrats would have been better off using two cans connected by a string.

Oddly enough, the tech firm that created “Shadow” is populated by people who worked for the Clinton presidential campaign.

And I’m sure that’s just a great, big coinkidink, right?

Shadow Team

I did a screen capture of that because I’m fairly certain that this Tara McGowan from “Shadow” is going to be locking her account any minute now.

And yes, that’s the Hillary Logo on two of their laptops.

From Fox News:

Groundbase co-founders Krista Davis, who is the current Shadow CTO, and Gerard Niemira, who is the current Shadow CEO, both held senior positions with the Clinton campaign.

This Tara McGowan appears to be a big, fat Buttigieg fan.

Shadow Tara hearts Buttigieg

Ironically, and apropos of nothing really, despite the fact that we still do not have the results of last night’s Caucus (Thanks, Shadow!), Tara’s favorite candidate actually declared himself the winner.

Naturally the Bernie fans are fuming.  And most of their ire is directed toward Pete Buttigieg.

They’re calling him #CIAPete

Bernie’s band of red-rose supporters are taking all of this personally.  I don’t blame them.  This isn’t the first time Bernie got screwed by the DNC.

The Democrats really, really do not want this guy to get the nomination.

Which I suppose makes sense since technically Bernie isn’t even a Democrat.

But it is strange how “in-your-face” their machinations are, isn’t it?

Then again, Democrats have never mastered the art of subtlety.

The Bernie Campaign released a statement in the wee hours of this morning with their internal reporting numbers showing Bernie the winner.  Problem is, the numbers Team Bernie shared reflect only 40% of the results.

Meanwhile, both Team Biden and Team Warren are fuming.  Though I’m not sure whether Amy Klobuchar has thrown office supplies at the folks from “Shadow” yet.  But I’m sure she’d like to.

And, naturally, some blue checkmark dopes are blaming the Russians.

All of this is making the DNC look like incompetent fools.

Not that that’s hard.

Eventually a winner will be declared.  But the damage is done.

As Sundance points out over at The Conservative Treehouse:

No results means no grand victory and momentum. Oh, it’ll probably be declared sometime today that Bernie Sanders won, but, meh, doesn’t deliver the same electoral value. [DNC Club smiling here]

Is it possible that the DNC tossed Iowa into disarray to blunt Bernie’s momentum?

I wouldn’t put it past them.

Similarly, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the DNC unleashed this special kind of hell as a way to force Iowa to give up its “First in the Nation” status.  Don’t underestimate just how much the Democrats hate the fact that one of those states in the middle of the country that they can’t identify on a map leads off the primary season.

Just moments ago, the Iowa Democrats released a statement:

Well, if the reporting was only partial data, then it wasn’t accurate. Sweet merciful Zeus.

The bad news for Democrats?  It appears “Shadow” is going to be utilized in the Nevada caucus as well.

Great going, guys!

Meanwhile, over on the Republican side, the Iowa Caucus hummed like a finely tuned watch.

Which makes the Iowa Caucus the perfect metaphor on the health and condition of the two major US political parties.

It also put an end to the NeverTrump pipe dreams of Bill Kristol and Joe Walsh.

Trump mowed over his two “challengers” – Walsh and Libertarian Bill Weld – garnering 97.15% of the vote.

Walsh, who received 1.08%, was not pleased.

This morning he took to Twitter to bitterly complain.

Good grief, what a baby.  “Well, I don’t want to be in your stupid party ANYWAY!”

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for the Democrats, this morning Gallup released its latest Presidential Approval Poll. And President Trump is at 49% — his highest rating from Gallup ever.

Now that I think about, it wasn’t Bernie who was screwed.

Instead, it’s looking like the Democrat Party screwed itself.

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8 thoughts on “Is Bernie Getting Screwed? The Shadow Knows

  • February 4, 2020 at 11:01 am

    The “Shadow” is so very reminiscent of “Fusion GPS” and “Crowdstrike” – both Clinton paid for entities to spy, disparage, insult and impeach Donald Trump in concert with the media lapdogs. Yet she and her cronies keep at it with absolutely no consequences……

    • February 4, 2020 at 11:32 am

      I was just saying to someone that Shadow is the Crowdstrike of 2020. In fact, the DHS offered to vet and test the Shadow App prior to its use yesterday and the DNC declined.

  • February 4, 2020 at 11:53 am

    When I saw Joe Walsh’s tweet I said almost the exact same thing you just wrote. Only I said it in a angry little petulant baby voice. LOL

    I just love how democrats are falling back on their Russian theme, as if that hasn’t been played into complete exhaustion. But when you don’t want to face the facts that your party is a corrupt as heck then you will make every excuse you can to cover it up. Kind of like the mom who will never believe her little angel could EVER commit a crime. Just a Russian conspiracy. lol

  • February 4, 2020 at 12:25 pm

    Just curious, but is it still verboten to say “Learn to code?”

  • February 4, 2020 at 12:25 pm

    And is this the future that comes from the Democratic Party that deems itself fit to govern? Oh, boy!

  • February 4, 2020 at 2:08 pm

    Shadow Inc’s app was financed by Iowa Dem party, Nevada Dem party and… guess what…. Pete Buttplug’s campaign! Hmmmm.

  • February 4, 2020 at 2:38 pm

    And the employees of Shadow Inc have worked in the past for the Hillary campaign, Obama campaign, AFL-CIO and the DNC. So they’re Professional Cheaters?

  • February 5, 2020 at 4:45 pm

    Why is this old p.o.s. commie running for the democrap nomination. He is not a democrap. He is an independant (socialist a-hole)

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