Is this supposed to discourage me?

CNN is reporting that only 9% of Europeans believe Donald Trump would do the right thing regarding world affairs. Just to clarify: is this supposed to discourage me from voting for Trump over Hillary?

Let’s recap, shall we?

Europeans loved Barack Obama back in 2008. Remember? Oh, how they saw him as the great savior of the world. In Germany they flooded into Berlin to watch him speak at the Brandenburg Gate. Obama was like Jesus riding into the Jerusalem on an ass. Sadly for them, Barack isn’t Jesus; he’s more the ass.

While Americans, by a large number, realize that Barack Obama has set us on the wrong track, the majority of Europeans still believe he’s the world’s Messiah. From the same poll, CNN reports 77% of respondents in ten European countries hold a favorable opinion of this idiot. I’m not sure if the 77% consist of the Muslim migrants who are conquering the timid, feckless Europeans, or just the timid, feckless Europeans themselves.

But CNN wants us to consider how little they trust Donald Trump.


It’s supposed to discourage me that the people who fell for Obama’s bullshit hook, line and sinker don’t like Trump? Sorry, but they aren’t exactly the best judges of what is in the best interests of the United States.

The people who permitted this:
discourage me
don’t like Donald Trump. Is that supposed to discourage me?

Am I supposed to think Trump would be bad for America because the people who welcomed this Jihad by Emigration oppose him?

Isn’t that like having a mother whose children were taken away due to neglect lecturing you on good parenting?

“We’ve turned our nations to shit by letting them get conquered through Jihad by Emigration! Trust us! We know what’s best for America!”

No thank you.

Greece is teetering on bankruptcy. Germany has been conquered. Sweden has ceased to be a European nation entirely and is now more of a Northern satellite nation of the Middle East. Europeans have surrendered their sovereignty and national borders. They are leaving their citizens vulnerable to sexual assaults, violence, disease and terrorist attacks. And we’re supposed to give a rat’s ass about their opinion of Donald Trump?


There’s no doubt CNN believes that the opinions of people who do not live here should influence American voters. Why else would they report on this poll?

If the Brits hated the fact that Americans were telling them how to vote in Brexit, why should I listen to what the Europeans want us to do in November?

Look, I have my issues with Donald Trump. I’ve never disguised that fact. But the idea that I should be influenced by the opinions of Europeans is idiotic. Not once in my life have I ever made a decision on whom to vote for based on the question, “Golly, what will the Germans think?!”

People who live in Greece, Germany, Spain, the UK, Hungary, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Italy and Poland do not care what is in the best interests of the United States of America. Why should they? What’s more, given how their nations are being overrun while they surrender their sovereignty to the EU, it’s clear they barely care about what is in their own nations’ best interests.

But no matter. CNN and the Liberal Democrats care more about what Europeans think than what is in the best interests of the United States. For years now, they have been trying to drum into our heads that America is too arrogant, dismissive and derisive, therefore we need get away from this notion of America First and instead become Citizens of the World. We’ve been getting a heaping helping of this kind of globalist manure for eight years now.

This is precisely why Trump’s message has resonated. And while I have my problems with his protectionist trade policies, I fully support the idea that as a nation, we need to seek what is in our best interests. This is exactly what made the United States the lone superpower in the world. It is what made us strong militarily and what made us the leader of the world’s economy.

Europe has looked to the United States because of that strength, not in spite of it.

For the yahoos on the Left, nationhood, national identity and sovereignty are outdated and selfish ideas. It’s why they seek to classify it with terms like “xenophobia” and “reactionary.” They really do believe the days of a US President seeking what is in his nation’s best interest are behind us. For them, America must surrender to this notion of being Citizens of the World. Therefore, CNN wants you to take heed of this poll. Heaven forbid we elect a President the Europeans disapprove of.

Well, sorry, CNN.

No sale.

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