It’s as if they didn’t even read their stupid editorials

Stupid editorials

It was just two days ago that over three hundred news outfits published coordinated editorials defending the so-called “Free Press.”

You wouldn’t know it considering what has happened in the intervening hours since.

After proudly unveiling their editorials arguing about how vital they are in protecting the American people and defending “our democracy,” the news media went right back to being the vicious pricks they always are.

Yesterday, a number of “news” outlets demanded that the judge in the Manafort trial release the names and addresses of those serving on the jury.

They needed this information, you see, in order to contact jurors to interview them.

Because … journalism.

Fortunately, Judge Ellis denied the request.

And for good reason.

As the judge pointed out, he is currently being protected by Federal Marshalls due to threats he has received for presiding over this case. And he does not wish to put the jurors in danger.

Naturally CNN and other brave, just-like-soldiers “journalists” are gasping and well-I-nevering over the temerity of the judge to assume their having the jurors’ information would result in putting their lives at risk.

Are they really this retarded?

CNN showed up on the front lawn of an old woman in Florida – cameras in tow – to ambush her over some Facebook posts. She ended up getting harassed and threatened by the flying monkeys CNN unleashed.

It doesn’t take a genius to noodle out that CNN having jurors’ personal information would put their lives at risk.

But don’t worry, folks.

CNN and all the rest of the just-like-soldiers Guardians of the Truth only want to interview these people after the verdict. For Truth, Justice and Apples!

They don’t need to waste their times writing insipid editorials to prove Trump wrong. All they have to do is stop acting like the enemy of the people. And they simply cannot do it.

CNN and the rest know full well that forcibly shoving these private citizens into the spotlight would endanger them.

And they don’t care.

Because “Free Press” and “Democracy” … or something.

It’s almost as if they really didn’t mean a word they wrote in those coordinated editorials.

President Trump is right; the mainstream news media is the opposition party.

They don’t care about us.

They don’t care about “democracy.”

And they sure as hell don’t care about putting twelve people’s lives at risk for harassment and doxing.

And, you know what?

I think this might actually be the goal.

The news media is desperate to shield the clown shown known as the Mueller Investigation.

And this trial has exposed these idiots for the partisan witch-hunters that they are.

What better way to prevent it from reaching a verdict than to unleash the unhinged Resistance on the jurors?

Remember that idiotic opinion piece at CNN last week that compared “journalists” to soldiers? I wrote about it HERE.

The nudnik writer actually burped out this outlandish statement:

We thank soldiers for their service because they devote themselves to protecting our freedoms, and we should. But we should also thank the media for the same reason — especially when the stakes have never been higher.

How in Lucifer’s reach is obtaining the names and addresses of the jurors before they reach a verdict protecting their freedoms?

It’s the exact opposite.

It is endangering them and their families.

Those idiotic editorials were written in squid ink – an attempt to cloud the fact that the press itself has become the threat posed to a Free and Independent Press.

And not just a threat to their own profession.

They are willing to pose a threat to private citizens whose only crime is doing their legal duty by serving on a jury.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

But sadly, I doubt they are.

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One thought on “It’s as if they didn’t even read their stupid editorials

  • August 18, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    Words cannot describe the true anger that so many Americans are feeling because of the deliberate seditious behaviors/actions of these clowns. We Patriots are not asleep and we are not deaf, dumb nor blind. We are watching and taking notes. We have not been a problem yet. When we are finally fed up enough to become a problem these azshats will know about it for sure. Keep talking Spanky.

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