It’s our money

The New York Post is reporting that the New York Times has gotten ahold of Donald Trump’s tax records from 1995 that show a $916 million loss.

Because of this $916 million loss, the Times surmises, it is possible that Trump wouldn’t have owed any taxes for eighteen years.

This is supposed to be a big old five-alarm story?

I don’t get it.

Twenty-one years ago, Donald Trump lost money of his own, therefore he’s not qualified to President? Is that what they’re trying to say?

And because the loss was so substantial it may have offset any taxes he may have had to pay in subsequent tax returns.

So what?

Trump didn’t write the tax laws; he just obeyed them.

The New York Times just endorsed a woman who has difficulty obeying the law. And Trump obeying tax laws is disqualifying?

I just don’t get it.

They seem to forget that as a builder who owns a lot of property, Trump’s property tax bill must be astronomical.

Are property taxes not taxes?

His company pays corporate taxes, withholding taxes, unemployment taxes. I’m probably just scratching the surface of all the taxes Trump’s business coughs up every year.

If the New York Times is upset that Donald Trump’s $916 million loss in 1995 may mean he didn’t have to pay any income tax for eighteen years, maybe they should get angry at the tax laws, not the guy who followed the tax laws.

The scandal that the Times is trying to create can be summed up like this:
EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump obeyed tax laws!!!!!!

If I lost nine thousand dollars in one year, I too would expect to have that loss offset in subsequent tax years.

Honestly, I just do not get why we should be caring about this.

He gambled with his own money and lost. Businessmen do that all the time. The free market isn’t guaranteed.

Starting a business venture is always a risk. Sometimes you lose big. Sometimes, the win is significant – not just to the guy who made the risk, but to all the people who gain jobs because of it.

You want to get upset about somebody who lost a bucket of money, let’s talk about Hillary Rodham Clinton.

A few years ago, Secretary Clinton lost six BILLION dollars from the State Department. Just lost it. Nobody knows where it went, what happened to it. It’s just gone.

And that six Billion dollars? It wasn’t Hillary Clinton’s own money to lose.

It was our money.

Yours and mine.

In Fiscal Year 2015, the United States Federal Government took from you and me three trillion, two hundred and forty-eight billion, seven hundred and twenty-three million dollars in taxes.

Let me write that out in numbers: $3,248,723,000.000.00

This was a record haul.

You understand? In 2015, with over 93 million Americans out of the labor force, where wages have been stagnating for years, the Federal Government took a record $3,248,723,000.000.00 in taxes from us.

That’s our money.

You see, unlike Donald Trump, the Federal Government doesn’t earn money or create wealth.

It simply takes it from those who do.

It’s like a protection racket run by some two-bit thug who descends on a neighborhood and demands every business cough up dough to him every week.

Or else.

The Federal Government is a parasite. It leeches off of us.

Yet when Donald Trump proposes simplifying the tax code so that every American can keep more of his or her own money, Hillary Clinton squeals like a stuck pig and whines about how those tax cuts will cost the Government money.

Yeah. That’s the idea, Hillary.

The Government didn’t earn that money, we did. It’s our money, not the Government’s.

Even at Monday’s debate, Hillary kvetched about how Donald Trump’s tax cuts would “balloon the Federal debt.”

Because for Democrats like Hillary Clinton, the idea of cutting government spending to offset the loss of taxes never occurs to her.

The Federal Government is like a junkie. It relies on OUR MONEY to feed its spending habit.

But it is our money.

Not the Federal Government’s.

When you get a pay cut, what do you do? You cut back on your spending.

I know I did. When I lost my job of ten years and the nice paycheck that came with it, I immediately cut back on expenses. It’s the sane and reasonable thing to do.

It’s called “living within your means.”

But the Federal Government isn’t sane and reasonable. And it does NOT live within its means.

The Federal Government doesn’t want to cut back on its spending. Instead, it wants Americans to cough up more dough so it can keep spending more.

More of our money.

Going back to Fiscal Year 2015 — a RECORD year for taxes.

$3,248,723,000.000.00 of OUR MONEY taken by the Federal Government, and guess what?

The Fed still ran up a $438.9 BILLION dollar deficit.

They still spent more than the record amount of taxes they took in.

You understand?

They’ll never be satisfied. Never.

Hillary Clinton wants to make child care “free.” She wants to make college tuition “free.” In March, Chelsea Clinton confirmed that her felonious mother wants to put illegal aliens on Obamacare.

And who will be paying for all that?

We will.

The problem isn’t Donald Trump’s tax returns.

The problem is the insatiable parasite in Washington that can’t stop living off of OUR MONEY.

You understand? It’s our money.

And this woman who up and lost six BILLION dollars of OUR money when she was at the State Department wants to raise our taxes and take even more.

Trump’s tax returns aren’t the problem.

Hillary Clinton wants more of your money to squander. That is the problem.

In 2014, Hillary’s family foundation spent less than six cents of every dollar donated on chartable grants. More than 94 cents of every dollar went to “administrative costs.”

Hey, somebody has to pay Chelsea’s $300,000.00 a year salary.

How much do you want to bet that Hillary Clinton will squander our tax dollars the same way she squandered donations for the Clinton Foundation?

I would guess we’d be lucky if six cents of every dollar we pay in taxes actually went to something that benefits us.

Wouldn’t you rather keep more of your money?

Don’t you think you are a better judge of how to spend your own earnings than Hillary Clinton?

Donald Trump wants you to be the one to decide how your money is spent by letting you keep more of it.

Hillary Clinton just wants to take more it.

She wants to keep feeding the parasite.

Because, let’s face it. She is a parasite.

And that is the real problem.

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2 thoughts on “It’s our money

  • October 2, 2016 at 9:13 am

    A parasite. A big fat bloated tick sucking the life out of hardworking people.
    This cannot continue.
    We’ve GOT to have it this time.

  • October 2, 2016 at 10:55 am

    There are more takers than makers. The takers have definately proven they are willing to fight, burn, and demolish everything around them as they march against thier “oppressors.” They bite the hand that feeds them, and the hand gives them more. There doesn’t seem to be much action on the maker side of this equation. Perhaps it is because we are working our a$$es off trying to preserve our status quo. Which one of us is willing to standup and fight for what we have earned, and for the freedom that our forefathers, brothers, and sisters have died to preserve? It is our money. It is supposed to be our govt., our birthright. Has it been stolen, and we are the victims, or have we allowed it to be taken away from us? Were we were distracted by our work ethics, a televised sports event, the latest fashions, gadgets, tools, new trucks? Were we distracted by some scantilly clad bimbo who gyrates on a stage in front of millions of hard woking people like us? Did we participate by proxy in the latest tv show until we fell asleep, seeking a little rest and relaxation after a hard day at work? WAKE UP AMERICA!! The COMMUNISTS have our country by the throat, and are pressing a very large sharp knife into our vitals. This isn’t just an election. This time it is real! This is THE FINAL FIGHT TO THE DEATH. Our Nation, Our freedoms, Our birthrights are at stake. Stand up and put on your armor! We have work to do! Someone get some friggin rope. We just have to hang a few hundred of them to scare the hell out of the others. When they pause in shock and horror, we have to be ready to strike. We know who they are. We know where they are, and we know what they have done to OUR country. We the People out number them 1000-1 or more. We are tired of thier crap!

    Now the question is: WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!!

    NEWS FLASH Yawl, Simply casting a vote for Trump isn’t going to be enough this time. These takers will absolutely goe GUANO CRAZY if Trump wins this election. Thier birthrights (FREE SH!T) will be in jeapordy! You have a little over a month to prepare for a whole NEW AMERICA, no matter who wins this election. PREPARE NOW! There is a SH!T STORM on the horizon! You know this is true. You have seen the signs all around you for years now. DON’T BE SCARED, …BE PREPARED!!

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