Joe Walsh: I’m not a racist; I just play one on Twitter

Joe Walsh Dumpster Fire

I just didn’t think it was possible that someone would come along who could out-embarrass every single Democrat in the 2020 race.  Then Joe Walsh turned up in all his cringeworthy glory.

This Kristol-backed buffoon who decided to primary President Trump is already well on his way to out-humiliating the utterly humiliating Democrat clown car.

And it’s only been two days since he announced his quixotic run for the White House.

I’m betting Joe “not a nut” Biden is breathing a sigh of relief that he is no longer the biggest dumpster fire in the 2020 race.

Last night on MSNBC, Joe Walsh addressed his history of making racist comments on Twitter.  And it is seriously Joe Biden-level idiotic.

Oh, I see.  Joe Walsh isn’t a racist.  He just plays one on Twitter.

Bill Kristol would’ve saved himself a lot of time and trouble if he had just doused himself in gasoline and struck a match.  Hitching his wagon to Joe Walsh and letting that trainwreck candidate drag him for miles is not an especially great way to go out.

Though I admit, I am enjoying the Schadenfreude of Kristol’s self-destruction. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

At the same time, there is also something chef’s-kiss-perfect about the anti-Trump media propping up and promoting Joe Walsh as if he was a serious candidate and not ticking time bomb set to explode.

Here they’ve decided to go with the “Trump is a racist” canard and the best “primary challenger” they can promote is a racist.

Kudos, Brave Guardians of the TruthTM! Kudos!

Some folks do not do well in the spotlight. And Joe Walsh is definitely one of them.

Under the blistering glare of the Klieg lights, Walsh shrinks up faster than man-parts in a cold swimming pool.

And watching the NeverTrumpers and the hateful, wretched media glom onto him is the best entertainment ever.

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One thought on “Joe Walsh: I’m not a racist; I just play one on Twitter

  • August 28, 2019 at 10:33 am

    The only things Walsh was missing were two little cymbals to clap together.

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