John Conyers’ lame talking point isn’t going to work


Well, John Conyers may have “temporarily” stepped down from his leadership role on the House Judiciary Committee, but that doesn’t mean he’s going quietly.

In his announcement yesterday, the dirty old man from Michigan floated what I am sure will be his go-to talking point to discredit the stories over his pervy behavior.

And there you have it.

The allegations came from an “alt-right blogger.” So they aren’t true.

The only problem is, it isn’t going to work.

Now, I think Mike Cernovich is a mixed bag. But I follow him on Twitter and often read his stuff. And he is most certainly not an “alt-right blogger.”

Besides, Cernovich took all of his research and handed it off to BuzzFeed who independently verified everything Cernovich gave them.

But Conyers believes that tossing out the term “alt-right” is a sure-fire way to throw shade on the accusations against him.

Sorry, John. But it ain’t gonna happen.

I mean, come on. When even Jake Tapper calls you out on your lame talking point, you know it’s not going to work.

Now, granted, Tapper isn’t defending Cernovich. Clearly he doesn’t like him.

And I do find it odd that a CNN personality who has been peddling the Russia conspiracy for a year would accuse someone else of being a “conspiracy theorist with a history of lies.”

Hey, Jake. In January, you did a breaking story on the so-called Trump Dossier – the now discredited pile of crap funded by the Clinton campaign.

But Cernovich is a “conspiracy theorist with a history of lies?”

Yeah. Takes one to know one, honey.

And, see, this is exactly why Cernovich took his research to BuzzFeed instead of just publishing it himself.

He knew the defense was going to be “but, but, but Cernovich is a conspiracy theorist!!!!

So he gave Buzzfeed everything and they independently confirmed it all.

Given that, I don’t know how John Conyers could think that claiming the accusations come from Cernovich will be enough to get him off the hook.

Conyers’ latest accuser, attorney Melanie Sloan, was interviewed by ABC News. And last time I checked, ABC News was not owned or operated by Mike Cernovich.

Let alone someone from the so-called “alt-right.”

It was a brilliant move on Cernovich’s part to pass the initial story off to BuzzFeed.

Because in so doing, he preemptively invalidated Conyers’ ridiculous talking point.

And the fact that John Conyers still chose to go this route pretty much confirms for me that he has no defense against these accusations.

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