And the John Kasich Award for Sanctimonious Hubris goes to…

This past week, the outgoing Arizona Senator with an 18% approval rating indicated that he is open to launching a primary challenge against President Trump in 2020.


Not since John “Son-of-a-Mailman” Kasich launched his sanctimonious, self-centered campaign in 2016 has there been someone so lacking in self-awareness.

In fact, I would like to bestow on Jeff Flake the John Kasich Award for Sanctimonious Hubris.

Earth to Jeff Flake: We’re just not that into you.

The NeverTrump movement was never nearly as big or popular as they believed during the 2016 election.

And many of those NeverTrumpers who threw common sense to the wind and voted for the insufferable and equally sanctimonious Evan McMullin now regret that decision.

Hell, even some of those who penned the essays in National Review’s anti-Trump issue have had a change of heart.

So either Jeff Flake, like John Kasich, is just too self-centered to read the mood of the country. Or Flake is just a day late and a dollar short.

Sure, there might be a tiny minority of Republican voters who would choose to vote for Flake in 2020. But unless Bill Kristol goes to a lab and begins cloning himself, I doubt there will be many.

Like John Kasich, Jeff Flake thinks very highly of himself.

But, also like Kasich, it’s a fan club of one.

Of course Jeff Flake’s biggest flaw is his own ego.

He’s been rejected by Arizona voters to the point where the odds of him winning a primary challenge were slim.

And in a country where incumbents have a 95% reelection rate, it’s no small thing that Flake had no chance of beating off a primary opponent.

Flake is bitter, angry, and lashing out.

None of those are particularly good reasons to run against a sitting President who’s first year accomplishments – though not reported – are many.

You’d think after being humiliated to the point where he chooses to retire rather than lose in a primary, Flake would think twice about humiliating himself in 2020.

And he would humiliate himself.

Let’s face it, Flake is not a fighter.

Like most establishment Republicans, Jeff Flake believes in perfecting the art of gracious losing.

And up against a man who won’t settle for anything but winning, Flake doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

But I think Flake knows that.

And he doesn’t care.

In the end, if he launches a primary challenge to President Trump, Jeff Flake won’t be looking to win.

Instead, like Kasich in 2016, he will stick it out for no other reason than sanctimonious hubris and vindictive arrogance.

Hat tip the New York Post.

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4 thoughts on “And the John Kasich Award for Sanctimonious Hubris goes to…

  • December 26, 2017 at 11:04 am

    Remember when he got chased down by elephants when he was on safari? Even nature hates him. LOL

  • December 26, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    Wannabee presidential candidates get to fly around the country, eat for free and make speeches to people who think you might have a slight chance of relevance. They don’t. By siphoning votes away from credible candidates, they prolong the primary season and clutter the process with their egos.

  • December 26, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    Jeff, when you’ve lost Hugh Hewitt…

  • December 27, 2017 at 10:43 am

    Clueless dolt.

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