Just in the nick of time

The Obama-appointed Federal Judge who ordered Michigan to begin recounting ballots on Monday ordered the recount to stop yesterday.

And just in the nick of time.

Timing, as they say, is everything.

I’ve said it before, cheaters never want ballots scrutinized.

Almost from the start of this recount cheating was exposed.

In the Detroit area, odd irregularities began to emerge.

And every one of those irregularities benefited Hillary Clinton.

Then, just in the nick of time, the recount is stopped.


Call me cynical. Hell, call me suspicious.

But I find that telling.

There’s a reason the Democrats never actively involved themselves in this Recount Kabuki.

Look at it this way. Ed Rendell – the former Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania and DNC Chair – was one of those arguing against a recount.

When Democrats don’t want to fight an election result, there are one of two reasons.

Either it’s because they won or because they cheated.

Or both.

I’d say the odds of the Michigan recount flipping the state away from Trump were nil.

In fact, I think Hillary would have lost votes. Given the number of ballots that were counted several times, I’d venture to say, Hillary would have lost a significant number in Detroit alone.

Since the outcome of these recounts won’t change the election results, why would any Democrat want to risk exposing their fraudulent actions from election night?

But now they don’t have to worry about that. Without a recount, their fraud is kept hidden. They can live to defraud another election in four years.

Thanks to an Obama-appointed judge riding in just in the nick of time to save the Democrat Party from the feckless and clueless Jill Stein.

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