Karl Rove Hardest Hit

Back when Jeb Bush was “inevitable,” many of us were saying that the only people that wanted Jeb to run for President were his consultants.

Heaven knows Jeb wasn’t interested.

And here’s the proof.

According to Fox News, though Jeb never caught fire with Republican voters, never did better than a fourth place finish, his consultants made out like bandits.

A review of how Bush and his allies spent over $125 million in his failed campaign shows the main thing to come out of it was a lot of consultants and local TV stations made a lot of money.
A Washington Post review of Bush spending shows more than 95 percent of the advertising budget – from his campaign and the separate super PAC, Right to Rise – went to consulting firms Oath Strategies and Revolution Agency. The more than $100 million budget largely went straight to buying up air time on local TV stations, but the consultants themselves reportedly would have pocketed several million dollars in commissions and fees along the way.

Sheesh. What a bunch of leeches. No wonder they despise Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. And no wonder they can’t want to line up behind Marco. Opportunistic little parasites.

This is the problem with running a campaign, not from the grassroots up but from the consultant class. For those guys, win or lose, it’s all about the green.

And, boy, howdy, did they get a lot of green.

In a way, the lesson of Jeb’s fruitless run for President is a significant one. Americans are sick and tired of formulated, composite candidates created of whole cloth as a Product by a bunch of people being paid oodles of dollars to try and sell him on an unsuspecting electorate.

Now, to be sure. Other candidates have hired consultants, but what they spent doesn’t come close to the amount spent by the Bush campaign. Not surprising. Bush’s entire campaign was a consultant-manufactured money-making scheme. And the bottom line is, they were going to walk away fabulously wealthy whether Jeb got the nomination or not.

This may be why the only people who seem to be disheartened by Jeb’s early exit from this race are his family and Karl Rove — who, I am sure, is kicking himself all over the place that Jeb didn’t hire him to be his consultant.

Karl Rove Hardest Hit

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