Katie Hill has more excuses than Hillary

Katie Hill has more excuses than Hillary

In what the media described as a “fiery speech,” horny Katie Hill used her final opportunity to speak on the House floor to offer up a litany of excuses as to why she was “forced” to resign from Congress.

Oddly enough, among her many excuses, Hill never points out that the reason she’s resigning is because she violated House ethics rules when she decided to embroil herself in a sexual relationship with a subordinate.

Funny how she left that part out.

Hill’s excuses for leaving include a double standard, misogyny, “I know longer want to be used as a bargaining chip,” oh, and BUT TRUMP!!!

Really, Katie?  So, if I understand this, because Donald Trump, long before he was elected to office, was a playboy who slept around is proof of a double standard.

To my knowledge President Trump isn’t sleeping with a subordinate.

But you were.

Then again, Katie Hill does not include in her list of excuses the fact that she slept with a subordinate. Because if she did, we would all understand exactly why she is resigning.

The biggest howler among her many excuses was when she claimed that because of this “misogynistic culture,” millions are getting off on her nude pictures.

[Millions?  I made the mistake of clicking the link to the original RedState article and the only getting off I did was getting off that site as fast as humanly possible – all the while yelling “Eewww!!”  I had to mute the Daily Mail on Twitter so I wouldn’t accidentally be subjected to the picture of her naked holding a bong.  I guess Katie has a high opinion of her sexiness that is not in keeping with reality.]

Katie claimed that dark shadowy forces are trying to “silence” and “sexually intimidate” her. And that is why she was forced to resign.

So, let me see if I understand this. Before Katie Hill was even elected to the House, Congress passed the Me Too Congress Act in hopes of silencing and “sexually” intimidating a woman who wasn’t even in Congress yet.

Honestly, Katie Hill makes more excuses than Hillary Clinton.

Frankly, I’m surprised Katie didn’t blame the Russians.

She should write a memoir titled “What Happened” to chronicle her list of excuses for resigning.

Katie Hill What Happened

If she really, truly didn’t do anything wrong, why the hell is she resigning?

But, see, Katie Hill knows full well that she did do something wrong.

She knows she violated House ethics rules by banging a subordinate.

Katie just doesn’t have the courage to admit it.

Plus, she knows the media will assist in her excuse-making.

As I said the other day, the news media is happily running interference for her and amplifying her lies and excuses while carefully overlooking the fact that Katie Hill resigned for good reason.

If she truly doesn’t want to be silenced or intimidated, she would stay and fight the ethics inquiry.

But she isn’t.

Probably because she’s guilty as sin. Which is exactly why Nancy Pelosi told her to resign.

Lucky for Katie, the news media will parrot her litany of excuses without a second’s hesitation.  They will cheer her “brave” speech and repeat her lies unquestioningly.

In that respect, Katie Hill is right.

There is a double standard.  Only, she is the one who is benefiting from it.

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