Kellyanne agrees: The media are making themselves the story


Kellyanne Conway was on Fox & Friends this morning. And sure enough, she pointed out exactly what I pointed out on Saturday.

The media are obsessed with making themselves the story.

But before we get to the clip of Kellyanne. Let’s take a look at a tweet President Trump sent out a short time ago.

Unlike the wrestling gif, this one hasn’t received wall-to-wall coverage from the Trump-Tweet-Obsessed media.

And I think we know why.

So where are the army of so-called “journalists” who believe they must report on Trump’s tweets”?

They’re strangely quiet.

Brian Stelter went nuts over the wrestling gif. But he hasn’t tweeted a single thing about Mr. Trump offering to help Charlie Gard.

We all know that the media has selective outrage.

But they also have selective interest in President Trump’s twitter feed.

I’m not surprised by this.

Are you?

Any old how. Kellyanne points that out as well.

Here’s the segment with Kellyanne Conway.

She hits the nail on the head.

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