The King Baby Graduates of Notre Dame


Well, the self-centered, narcissistic faux Social Justice graduates of Notre Dame University followed through on their threat.

Just as Vice President Mike Pence began his commencement speech, they got up and walked out of the ceremony.

I can just imagine how proud they were of themselves.

Yes, my friends. I’m sure there was plenty of high-fiving and atta-boying going on when they assembled outside to give themselves pats on the back.

No, not because they took a stand against a “fascist.” That’s not what they’re proud of.

They’re proud because they got one more attention fix before leaving the safe bubble of academia.

These King Baby Graduates of Notre Dame – like any fussy child – demand attention.

Let’s be blunt here.

If they did not like that Mike Pence was invited to speak, they could simply not attend.

But if they’d done that, they wouldn’t have gotten their attention fix, would they?

For these children, it’s all about them — their wants, their needs, their demands, their feelings. And, of course, their petulant craving for attention.

Let me give you a hypothetical.

I’m disgusted that CUNY is inviting that Anti-Semitic crank and terrorist apologist Linda Sarsour to speak at their commencement.

But if I were graduating from CUNY this year, I would just skip the graduation ceremony entirely.

And if I was a parent whose child was graduating from CUNY, I would be waiting outside for my kid’s ceremony to end.

What I wouldn’t do in either case is go to the ceremony and call attention to myself as I self-righteously marched out when Sarsour gets up to lie her ass off.

I just wouldn’t go.

These children staged this walkout for no other reason than to once again be the center of attention.

Because children always demand to be the center of attention. It’s just the way they are.

On Planet Earth they grow out of it.

But on college campuses, they don’t.

Have you ever been to someone’s home where their small child rules the house?

Let me tell you, it’s agony. You sit there while Mom and Dad tie themselves into knots to give in to their little precious’ every demand.

I had friends like that. I visited their home once. And you know it was like? It was like being held hostage by a three-year-old.

I never visited them again – mostly because I was afraid I would smack that brat in the ass and toss him in his room. And I don’t think my friends would have stayed my friends if I did that.

Now, it used to be that spoiled rotten children learned the harsh reality that they are not, as they think, the center of the universe. They’d head to school and quickly discover that teachers weren’t as easily manipulated as their parents.

By college, even the most stubborn King Baby was forced to accept that his narcissism wouldn’t be indulged.

But those days are over, aren’t they?

Now grade schools and colleges both indulge the whims and demands of those precious little children. Even if that means losing enrollment or alumni donations, they will cave to every petulant demand.

The grown-ups no longer run our schools or colleges.

They’re being held hostage by an army of King Babies – all the way to graduation.

Spoiled children have grown into spoiled children who just happen to be older.

Those King Baby Graduates of Notre Dame were not “taking a stand.”

They weren’t noble.

And they certainly weren’t brave.

They were just like every other spoiled child – like the ones who ruin a night at the movies or a meal at a restaurant.

This walk-out was nothing more than one more opportunity for children in adult bodies to call attention to themselves while saying, “Look at me, Mommy!!! Look at me!!!”

But there is some good news.

Well, good news for those of us on Planet Earth. Not so good news for these King Baby Graduates.

The crowd that attended Notre Dame’s graduation weren’t buying in to their narcissistic need for attention.

They booed these petulant brats.

Which makes me think that there is still some hope that this country won’t fall into the hands of a bunch of perpetually immature, navel-gazing snots like the King Baby Graduates of Notre Dame.

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3 thoughts on “The King Baby Graduates of Notre Dame

  • May 23, 2017 at 6:48 am

    If I was a parent who spent a ton of money for my kid to go to college and they pulled a stunt like that on graduation day, I would be furious. I wonder how many parents and relatives for those 75 babies flew or drove in from around the country to proudly watch their kids get their diplomas only to see them walk out like that?

    I’m sure there were a couple who probably supported what their kid did, but I’m betting most did not, if they knew at all. I remember how proud my parents were of me when I walked up on stage and received my diploma. It wasn’t just about me, I know they worked hard to help support me going through school. But when I look back now (both parents have passed), I know the moment they saw me get the diploma that all their hard work was worth it.

    If I had pulled a worthless stunt like the babies at Notre Dame, my parents would have been livid with me and never let me forget it.

    When a few of these kids hopefully grow up and mature they will realize what they did was stupid. Nobody knows who they are, they’re names are not to going to be memorialized on golden plaques for their service in making a stand against “fascism”. Well, fascism as the press and Dems have falsely led them to believe.

  • May 23, 2017 at 8:46 am

    Two universities I specifically have no time for are Notre Dame & Penn State. When ND invited Obama to speak, that did it for me. A pro-abortion man invited to speak at a supposed Catholic university turns my stomach. And Penn State is just annoying, especially that stupid bumper sticker – “If God isn’t a Penn State fan, then why is the sky blue and white?” Puke.

  • May 25, 2017 at 2:58 am

    Before I retired, the office where I worked had an initiative that employees have a bachelor’s degree or at the very least 12 hours of business courses. So, in the interest of keeping my job, I enrolled in community college. Turned out to be fun, so I decided to pursue a degree until I got to “Early American Literature.” For one assignment, the instructor “partnered” each of us with another student. My partner was more interested in her social life, so I ended up writing the paper on my own. Because one grade was the paper and the second was the class discussion, I gave her a copy. “We” got an “A” on the paper. However, because of her social life, she apparently didn’t even take the time to read it. When the class Q&A came around, she was dumber than a rock (my apologies to geological formations). Thanks to her, we ended up with a “C” on the oral portion. That did it for my college career.

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