Kirsten Gillibrand fancies herself Joan of Arc

Kirsten Gillibrand

Is it wrong that I am getting enjoyment out of watching Trump Derangement Syndrome eat away at the Democrats’ last shred of sanity?

And when it comes to the anti-Trump rhetoric, there seems to be a bit of a scuffle among the Donkey Party for the title of Biggest Hypocrite in the Universe.

Now, if I had a vote, I’d choose the virulently pro-abortion junior Senator from the State of New Y’arc, Potty Mouth Barbie herself, Kirsten Gillibrand.

And that would be the only time in history I would ever vote for this woman for anything.

According to a puff piece in today’s Politico, Kirsten sees herself as the Great Defender of the Faith.

And this might come as a surprise, but she actually means the Christian faith.

Stop laughing!

The Trump Administration is evil, you see. And not “evil” in the sense of supporting abortion up to the point of birth, but “evil” in the biblical sense.

“It’s not specifically about the president,” Saint Kirsten explained. “It’s about ideas that are evil. It’s about darkness, which is rooted in hate.”

As opposed to the “darkness” of injecting saline into an unborn baby then vacuuming it out of the womb. That kind of “darkness” is A-okay with Kirsten.

“This is an issue of right versus wrong,” Saint Kirsten of New Y’arc preached during what Politico calls a “voice-cracking speech” on the Senate floor yesterday.

This foul-mouthed abortion cheerleader can’t get through a campaign rally without cursing like a sailor.

She slobbered all over rapist and sexual harasser Bill Clinton for political advantage. Then when he became politically useless to her, she turned on him like the Leftie version of Judas.

So why on earth should I listen to her about “right versus wrong?”

Apparently Kirsten fancies herself the modern-day Joan of Arc who “really does see herself as wearing the ‘armor of God.’”

“There is right versus wrong. Unfortunately, wrong is winning in a lot of ways.”

And that’s precisely why Trump won, Kirsten — to right the wrongs done against the American people by Washington.

“And so what my job is, is to stand firm, to stand strong, have the belt of truth around my waist.”

Sure it is, honey.

Until Congress tries to defund the butchers of Planned Parenthood. Then Saint Kirsten of New Y’arc yanks off that “belt of truth” and screams, “F**k that!”

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4 thoughts on “Kirsten Gillibrand fancies herself Joan of Arc

  • June 19, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    I am offended by the insult offered to St. Joan, who is one of my Patron Saints!!


  • June 19, 2018 at 1:21 pm

    You want Trump Derangement Syndrome? Wait til November when the “Blue Wave” fizzles out and the Red Wave rolls in. hahaha

  • June 19, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    Kirsten of Brunswick. (located in Renssalear County NY)
    Whose husband is a British Man (not American). (Socialized medicine is strong in that one!)
    Lacking moral character and finding no shame in deception Kirsten pandered as a conservative in order to fool those in her congressional district to elect her. Little did they know they were sending a vile serpent to DC.
    Lacking an honest platform of her own, Kirsten sallied forth in search of issues to be used to attack the leader of the land. President Donald J. Trump.
    The mere utterance of Trump’s name inspires outrageous outbursts of Turrets like of language from Senator Kirsten which are more suited to a locker room or beer hall than in any decent and civil conversation.
    Beware this purveyor of bullshit and invective. She speaketh with forked tongue. Her demented mentor Sen. Schumer has encouraged her deceptive ways and she is faithful to her party but not to her constituents.
    A warning to those who reside in the ‘fly over lands’ of upstate New York; ye must gather forces and upon the next election where her seat in the Senate is in question, banish her to the wilds of upstate and let the jilted people of her district shower her with the bile and disdain she doth deserve.

  • June 19, 2018 at 10:42 pm

    Everything she does is contrived.

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