Kirsten Gillibrand: The Master of 1-D Checkers

Kirsten Gillibrand

Maybe it’s because I live in New York State that I despise Kirsten Gillibrand almost as much as I despise Hillary.

The woman is a phony.

And if President Trump excels at 3-D Chess, the best you can say about Kirsten is she’s the master of 1-D Checkers.

Her calculated scheming over the last couple of weeks was so transparently obvious nobody was fooled by it.

After years of sucking up to the Clintons, Gillibrand suddenly pulled a one-eighty and claimed that Bill Clinton should have resigned after the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

“Golly, what could possibly be Kirsten’s next move?” Said nobody ever.

Then, after refusing to comment on the allegations against Al Franken for weeks, Gillibrand “boldly” declared that he must resign.

And let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a chess master to see what she was setting up here.

So yesterday when she “bravely” came out and called for President Trump to resign over decades-old allegations of “sexual impropriety,” nobody was shocked.

Helen Keller could have seen that coming.

Gillibrand believes that these incidents that happened years and years before Donald Trump even ran for President are enough to force him from office.

Um. No, Kirsten. They’re not.

But Kirsten “Take Back The Night” Gillibrand doesn’t care if her demands go anywhere.

Because this isn’t about forcing Trump out of office. This is about Kirsten setting up her 2020 campaign for President.

When you’re the Master of 1-D Checkers, your endgame is hardly a mystery.

And because I really despise her, it gave me a bit of a happy seeing this tweet from President Trump this morning.

Never play against a 3-D Chess Master when you’ve barely mastered 1-D checkers.

Kirsten is so out of her league here.

And in a match-up between Trump and Gillibrand, my money’s on Trump.

He’s a street-fighter.

Kirsten, on the other hand, couldn’t win a hair-pulling match.

And as was expected, Gillibrand’s response to Trump’s tweet was to rush headlong into playing the victim.

She might as well have added: “I’m test-marketing campaign strategies. What do you think of this response?”

“You cannot silence me?”

Good grief.

What is it with Democrat women and their kooky claim that Trump is trying to silence them?

Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren did the same exact thing not long ago.

It’s really laughable.

Trump isn’t trying to silence you, Kirsten.

In fact, you endlessly virtue-signaling and claiming victimhood totally plays into his hands.

But for some reason, Democrat women who aspire to be President believe whining, complaining and playing the Victim makes them look Presidential.

Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t.

But this is Gillibrand’s masterplan.

Her goal is to poke a sleeping giant then run crying when he strikes back.

That’s it.

That’s as far ahead as she is able to plan.

And I hate to break it to you, Kirsten.

But Trump is going to eat you alive.

And speaking as a New Yorker, that makes me all kinds of happy.

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One thought on “Kirsten Gillibrand: The Master of 1-D Checkers

  • December 12, 2017 at 11:15 am

    When I think of Kirsten Gillibrand I try to recall anything she has ever said that was note worthy or memorable in any way.

    I come up with nothing. NOTHING!!!!!

    Its bad enough she is Schumer’s lackey and even in that role she was barely able to make her presence known, now she is ‘auditioning’ for the role of presidential candidate. Her track record is nonexistent.

    Calling her a light weight is a compliment. I think of her as ZERO – Gillibrand (Zero-G)

    That is having no weight at all…..

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