While Leftists gripe, Americans cheer

Did you hear about “National AnthemGate?”

Leftists are complaining because yesterday at the Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, President Trump sang along with the National Anthem.

Oh, the HUMANITY!!!

Chicks on the Right has the skinny on that.

I mean, boy howdy did they get themselves into a tizzy over it.

”How dare that traitor sing the National Anthem!!”

Well, I watched yesterday’s ceremony from start to finish.

You know what I heard?

Well, before the Air Force Band played, the announcer said, “Please join us in singing our National Anthem.”

So President Trump sang.

What kind of monster is he?!

These Leftists will find a reason to gripe and complain no matter what President Trump does.

When you’re so full of bile and resentment, it’s bound to make you an ugly person.

Which, come to think of it, explains Michelle Obama.

[I add that because it will make Leftists crazy.]

But while these Leftists gripe, Americans are cheering.


We have a President who shows honor and respect for American servicemen and their families.

Shortly after the ceremony ended, President Trump and Vice President Pence joined Secretary Kelly to visit the grave of Kelly’s son.

It was quite a surprise to those Gold Star families to see both the President and Vice President strolling up to them.

And they loved it.

Any old how.

It got me thinking back to 2015 when the Democrats’ official Twitter Account tweeted this wholly inappropriate photo to commemorate Memorial Day.

Yeah. Obama eating ice cream. What a wonderful tribute to America’s fallen heroes.

Is it any wonder Donald Trump won the election?

Yesterday, Dan Scavino – White House Assistant – tweeted out this:

Quite a difference, isn’t it?

Like I said. I watched the ceremony yesterday.

The warm applause and enthusiastic cheers were hard to miss.

And it was crystal clear that those Gold Star families attending weren’t griping.

Only Leftists gripe.

In fact, one of the commenters at Chicks on the Right said this:

”I was honored to be there as a Gold Star father. We were all asked to sing. His remarks were very respectful and well received.”

Of course they were.

And that’s why Leftists gripe.

The truth is, their endless kvetching about President Trump reveals far more about them than it does about him.

Their hatred isn’t limited to him. Not in the least.

They hate all of us – all of us proud Americans who are grateful to have a President who loves this country as much as we do.

And herein lies the reason they will never stop griping and complaining.

President Trump loves this country. He loves the American people.

And he is a patriot.

For Americans like you and I, having a President who is proud to be American and shows that kind of patriotism is a reason to cheer.

But for Leftists?

Let’s be honest.

They respond to any show of patriotism the way Dracula responds to a cross.

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2 thoughts on “While Leftists gripe, Americans cheer

  • May 30, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    When I was a kid, (1950s) , we called it Decoration Day. I lived in a town of perhaps 500. We had a parade in the morning, and we decorated our bikes with red, white and blue paper…and flags…lots of flags…and rode them in the parade. The parade ended in the local cemetery, where we took the flags from our bikes, and placed them, respectfully, on Veterans Graves. There was (still is) a monument in the center of the cemetery with the names of all those locals who served in WW II (my dad and all of my mom’s brothers are inscribed there)…and it was there speeches were made…not by politicians, by veterans. And we listened…because they were heroes….
    and we all knew them, and respected them.
    Trump shows that respect, he and I are close to the same age. Perhaps when he was a kid, he attended such an event with his family.

  • May 31, 2017 at 6:29 am

    The MSM takes a nutty over Trump having two scoops of ice cream, if indeed that was even true. Yet say nothing when Barack and democrats reduced Memorial Day to nothing but ice cream.

    Keep ‘me coming, Dianny, lest we forget!

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