The Left’s Mission: Dehumanize the Enemy

I’m sure you remember over Thanksgiving when Sarah Huckabee Sanders shared on Twitter a picture of a pecan pie she baked.

How could you forget?

Instantly she was attacked and accused of posting a stock Internet picture and passing it off as her own.

Even CNN Contributor April Ryan got in on the act – slamming SHS and expressing her own doubts over the veracity of the pie.

All this unhinged lunacy over a freaking pie.

But, the truth is, no matter what SHS posts on Twitter, splenetic, sputtering Leftists descend like half-starved, rabid dogs. Their comments range from snotty to downright threatening.

And they do the same to every other member of the Trump White House.

Melania Trump can post some lovely photos from a visit to a children’s hospital and in seconds a hundred unglued nutcases flood her replies with the most odious comments imaginable.

Any old how.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, being a good-natured gal with a sense of humor, baked a slew of pies to share with the press corps yesterday. And she chronicled their baking in photos every step of the way.

She even presented April Ryan with her own chocolate pecan pie.

Naturally Leftists proceeded to attack Sarah Huckabee Sanders with the same level of viciousness they always use.

Their hatred knows no bounds.

But nobody was more upset than the unstable Rosie O’Donnell.

So what the hell, Rosie?

It’s Christmastime. April Ryan is able to bridge the gap and enjoy a laugh with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. And you act like she’s cozying up to Pol Pot.

When MJA posted about this over at iOTWReport yesterday, I wrote in the comments:

“Alternative headline:
Rosie shocked to discover Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a human being

And, see, therein lies the problem.

Over the last year the Left has made the conscious effort to dehumanize their political opponents.

It isn’t enough to simply disagree with us.

And it isn’t even enough to detest us.


They have to strip us of all humanity.

Because when you dehumanize your enemies, you are no longer bound by those pesky human traits like compassion, forgiveness, empathy, a sense of humor.

When you dehumanize your enemies, the gutter’s the limit.

You can say anything, do anything – nothing is off the table.

You can beat your opponent to a bloody pulp simply for wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

Of course you can. They’re no longer human in your eyes.

And this small show of comradery between Sarah Huckabee Sanders and April Ryan reminded Rosie O’Donnell that Sarah isn’t some two-dimensional non-human villain – like an orc from Middle Earth.

She is a human being capable of laughter, kindness, self-deprecation, and forgiveness.

And that simply is not allowed.

That’s exactly why they respond with such venomous anger when Melania Trump posts something like this to Twitter:

Or this:

I can’t even bring myself to read the replies anymore because I just cannot wade through the rancid bile that is deposited there.

The fact that anyone would willingly make such vile and despicable comments to someone on social media is something I simply cannot comprehend.

But to these hateful people, it’s completely acceptable to write unspeakably awful things to Melania because they’ve dehumanized her.

Just like they dehumanize all of us.

And this is precisely why these beautiful tweets from Melania send them into apoplectic fits of rage. They recoil from these very human displays the way a vampire recoils from the sight of a cross.

The Left’s derangement has surpassed anything we’ve seen in the past.

And, at the risk of sounding like I’m conflating two things that shouldn’t be conflated, consider this.

We read about the horrors of the Holocaust or the Killing Fields of Cambodia and we think to ourselves, how could anyone do that to other human beings?

And that’s the point.

They aren’t human beings to the monsters who would do those things.

This is why the Left’s derangement concerns me so much.

Because it isn’t just vile replies on Twitter or Facebook.

It’s psychos turning up outside of Ajit Pai’s home threatening to kill his children if he ends Net Neutrality.

It’s Antifa and BAMN descending on peaceful gatherings and beating the living crap out of people.

And it’s an unstable Bernie supporter opening fire on Republicans at a baseball practice field.

They have so dehumanized their political enemies that not even attempted murder is a bridge too far.

I know what you’re thinking. Oh, come on, Dianny. All this because Sarah Huckabee Sanders baked some pies?

But don’t you see. That’s my point.

When SHS baking a pie and presenting it to April Ryan causes people to erupt in apoplectic rage, we’ve lost all human perspective.

And it certainly doesn’t help that Democrat politicians continue to use inflammatory rhetoric about “the end of the world” and “people will die.”

When one side believes the other is less than human and therefore unworthy of basic human kindness, empathy or compassion, this kind of inflammatory rhetoric is like gasoline on a fire.

And the fact that the Democrats are willing to fan the flames should concern all of us.

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6 thoughts on “The Left’s Mission: Dehumanize the Enemy

  • December 15, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    The Dems are following the Communist rule book to a T. I truly believe that if they could, they’d herd all conservatives/Republicans/people with MAGA hats into concentration camps.

  • December 15, 2017 at 8:43 pm

    Dianny — And we should not read the replies to Melania. Evil has a stench and an energy that is not good for us. Best to leave it alone.

  • December 16, 2017 at 9:20 am

    It’s true, they don’t see people they disagree with as people at all, they think a difference of opinion makes whoever they disagree with into an evil subhuman monster. Thank you for sparing us from having to see the nasty things they say to our First Lady, we don’t need to see it, we know it is there.
    I have you linked in my Friday post at DaTechGuy’s Blog, BTW:

  • December 18, 2017 at 9:57 am

    A CHOCOLATE pecan pie!!!! RACIST!!!!!!!!!

  • December 18, 2017 at 1:52 pm

    Just look at the joy on Melania’s face! And then we return to the prior administration with Chewbacca wearing her “pissed off, I’m bored, all this for toys for kids” look.

    Love that Melania!

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