Let’s See You Get Into a Clinton Rally Without ID

Hillary Clinton is on the warpath against a phony foe.

I’m guessing she learned that technique from Barack Obama.

Yes sir, Hillary is hopping angry about “voter suppression.”

It’s just wrong! Wrong-ee-wrong-wrong-wrong!!

Nobody is trying to suppress the vote of anybody except those who shouldn’t be voting.

But that doesn’t matter!

It’s wrong! Wrong-ee-wrong-wrong-wrong!!

The nerve of expecting ANYONE to have to show proof of identity to vote! That’s just like poll taxes!!!!!!!!!

And it’s wrong!! Wrong-ee-wrong-wrong-wrong!!!

Ironic, isn’t it?

Hillary made this declaration to a room full of people who probably had to show ID in order to enter.

This woman is so full of crap.

I can just see her sitting in a room with her campaign staff making a punch list of hot-button issues that are sure to get a rise out of people and deciding which rally will feature which one.

“Let’s really hit the Voter ID thing here because there’ll be a lot of black people in the audience.”

“Yes. Yes. Good. Now, you are making sure these black people have to show ID to get in to see me, right?”

“Of course. Of course. Don’t worry Mrs. Clinton. Nobody will get within a thousand feet of you without first showing ID. And nobody will get within a hundred feet of you without first showing a big fat check.”

“Good. Good. Okay.”

“One thing, though, Mrs. Clinton. Please try to refrain from using that black accent.”

“I have to axe. But what y’all talkin’ ’bout, yo. What black accent? That be some kinda whack to say I be puttin’ on fake accents.”

“Ahem. Right. Okay. Moving on. Now this next rally here, there will be a lot of college-age students.”

“Great! We can really hammer the free college crap there.”

“You might also want to talk about White Privilege and the Rape Culture.”

“Oh, yes. Good. I like that idea. Now, should I mention that I was dead broke after college and had to pay back student loans?”

“I think that’s a good route to go. Maybe we can get you to wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. You know. Really get you to look hip, young and cool.”

“Oh! I can wear one of those Hillary pantsuit T-shirts!”

“Uh. Sure. Maybe.”

Hillary Clinton has got to be the most transparently phony candidate to ever run for President.

Come to think of it. That may very well be what she meant when she said she was the most transparent.

She will say anything, be anyone, speak in any accent all in her desperate, embarrassing attempt to “identify” with her audience.

She doesn’t believe for one second that anybody is having their vote “suppressed.” Hillary is screeching about Voter ID because she knows she’ll get a response.

It’s like hollering “Underpants” in a kindergarten classroom. You are guaranteed to get the kids to laugh.

She’s a shameless panderer and a fraud.

And what is truly said?

Far too many people are falling for her bullshit.

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One thought on “Let’s See You Get Into a Clinton Rally Without ID

  • June 5, 2015 at 1:46 pm

    I imagine the only reason anyone – besides the myopic to blind liberals, think she’s even a real person is due to the liberal leaning media. There is nothing real about her except her falseness and to some degree her memory. You see, in order to be a really good liar one has to to have a good memory.
    Another feature Hillary has honed to perfection is her silly dismissive laugh when faced with a question concerning her past crimes. She rolls her eyes upward, throws her head back and let’s out what is perhaps the most perfected phony little laugh and says something like “Oh that, (dismissive laugh) you know we’ve all been down that road before and there’s nothing”. There have been vile people in politics before, for sure, but she’s the queen of them all.

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