Let’s talk about violence against journalists

violence against journalists

You know, one of the benefits of having a photographic memory is you tend to remember stuff that has been quickly memory-holed by the media.

Of course, it helps if you own and operate a website where you write about things as they are currently unfolding.

And after yesterday’s terrible shooting by a crazy lunatic with a grudge, I thought it might be good to hop in the Way-Back Machine and talk about violence against journalists.

See, before the monster was even identified, our Guardians of the TruthTM quickly determined that this horrific shooting was the fault of Donald Trump.

Because … Facts FirstTM or something.

Breathless and sweaty, Brian Stelter declared

“We don’t know, BUT…”

Ah, yes. The famous “But.”

Stelter’s tweet was mild compared to some of the other journalists who flat-out blamed the murder of these five people on the President.

And even those who conceded that this monster’s horrific act had nothing to do with Trump found clever ways to employ the famous “But” in order to lay the shooting at the President’s feet:

They really are horrible people.

But let’s go back to August 12, 2017.

A bunch of nudnicks who called themselves “Unite the Right” decided to hold a march in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Naturally Antifa and Black Lives Matter turned up and began attacking them.

And, like clockwork, a riot ensued. Someone got killed and the violence increased.

Suddenly journalists found themselves getting attacked.

But not by the nudnicks of Unite the Right.

No. They got attacked by people who turned the march into a riot – namely Antifa.

And as the Antifa riots spread, so too did the violence against journalists.

You’d think the news media would have roundly condemned Antifa for attacking journalists — and by extension Freedom of the Press.

But they didn’t.

First, a NY Times Reporter who had the audacity to tweet out this:

But she immediately backtracked the minute anti-Trump Leftists on Twitter began attacking her:

“Standing up to hate” makes violence okay. Got it?

But the defense of Antifa only escalated from there.

Four days after Charlottesville, Chris Cuomo of CNN tweeted out this:

Yes, those brave Antifa who just days before were committing violence against journalists were just like the Americans who stormed the beaches of Normandy.

To be fair, Chris Cuomo is an idiot.

But it wasn’t just Chris Cuomo who tried to sanitize these violent extremists.

Six days after Charlottesville, CNN featured this headline:

“Peace through violence.”

Yup. Despite the fact that Antifa was committing violence against journalists, these so-called Guardians of the TruthTM went to Orwellian lengths to defend them.

What’s worse? Saying the fake news is the enemy of the people? Or clubbing a journalist and putting him in the hospital?

By their own reasoning, the news media’s defense of Antifa could be seen as a tacit approval of the violence these anti-Trump anarchists are committing. Wouldn’t you say?

But of course the news media would never acknowledge their own role in perpetrating violence.

After Maxine Waters incited a crowd to go after Trump officials, the news media invited her on to continue spewing her nasty, hateful rhetoric.

For crying out loud. In March of 2016 some idiot rushed the stage during a Trump rally in Ohio. And the very next day, CNN had him on for an interview.

Because violence against Trump is a good thing to these people. And they have no qualms about giving a platform to those who promote that violence.

The shooting at the Capital-Gazette is an awful, gruesome act perpetrated by a sick and violent man on a twisted mission of vengeance.

It had nothing to do with the President.

And yet the news media, instead of reporting responsibly, chose to politicize and capitalize on this heinous act to portray themselves as victims.

It’s craven, opportunistic and callous.

But it’s not journalism.

If only they had the integrity to feel shame for their behavior.

But they don’t.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about violence against journalists

  • June 30, 2018 at 11:11 am

    Trump never said the media was the enemy of the people so the Freudian slips of those journalists labeling themselves that are interesting.

    Next up the arrogance of SE Cupp is astounding. You want to label yourself as something noble but the reality is you are part and parcel of a power cabal that needs to be kept in check.

  • July 1, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    Where is it written that journalists are not to be bothered, assaulted, wounded or killed they take their chance in life like everybody else. If it wasn’t a loony with a shotgun they could have died in a car accident or a fire. To blame a political opponent who was not involved is typical democrat rhetoric and BS.

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