Looks like Kamala stole Liz’s thunder

Well, I can tell you one person who isn’t happy that Kamala Harris roared onto the scene.  And that’s Chief Stolen Thunder herself, Elizabeth Warren.

Kamala announces on Sunday and is granted a CNN townhall on Monday.

And all Chief Stolen Thunder got was a lousy beer.

And she doesn’t even like beer!!!

That would be enough to make anybody cranky.

Though to be fair, Chief Stolen Thunder is perpetually cranky, so she’s had a bit of a head start there.

If I were Elizabeth Warren, I think I’d be furious.

I mean, for Pete’s sake!  She’s out there demonizing the ultra-rich and beating the Socialist War Drums too!!!

Why is Kamala getting all the media love?!

But that’s what happens when the American news media decides who gets to be the frontrunner.

They’re going to go with the photogenic younger women over the aging Marxist scold every single time.

So while Chief Stolen Thunder struggles to win over Millennials with her beer-drinking social media vids and her appeal to envy, all Kamala has to do is flash that winning smile and Jake Tapper is slobbering all over her like a big, dumb dog.

Is it fair?


But life isn’t fair – something Chief Stolen Thunder will never fully understand.

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2 thoughts on “Looks like Kamala stole Liz’s thunder

  • January 29, 2019 at 7:07 pm

    Somewhere in the media, this MUST be someone’s dream ticket: Harris/Warren 2020


  • January 30, 2019 at 5:53 am

    Dizzy Lizzy claiming to be Indian isn’t as important as a Pakistani claiming to be black. Preferred race of ‘victimhood.’

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