Barack’s love affair with tyranny

Amazing, isn’t it? The way Barack Obama cozies up to America’s enemies. Whether it’s the mullahs in Iran or the Castros in Cuba and now the Communist regime in Vietnam, Barack’s love affair with tyranny has been on full display. I listened to the clip Mark Levin played of Obama in Vietnam yesterday prattling on about “the story” of the Declaration of Independence and how it inspired Ho Chi Minh to establish a communist dictatorship in Southeast Asia and I wanted to put my fist through my computer screen.

Here’s what Miss Saigon said:

You think about the United States of America. We have a really good story called the Declaration of Independence. “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal; that we’re endowed with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” That’s a wonderful story. There’s no — when the Declaration was made, there really was not United States. It was just a good story that they were telling about what could be. And then people were attracted to that story. And it led to independence, and it led to immigrants from around the world who wanted that vision for themselves — it led Ho Chi Minh to adapt it when Vietnam was trying to declare independence. It inspired movements around the world.

Now, Mark’s reason for playing a portion of these remarks was to point out Obama’s deliberate removal of the phrase “by our Creator” from the quote. Yeah. That’s pretty putrid, but hardly surprising. Obama doesn’t want to talk about our rights coming from our Creator because he believes our rights come from Government.

But what makes me really angry is once again, Obama does his little moral equivalence routine by comparing the American colonies’ Declaration of Independence from a tyrannical king to Ho Chi Minh’s “independence” of Vietnam which didn’t free Vietnam from tyranny, but placed it directly under tyranny’s boot.

What an asshole.

What’s more. “We have a really good story called the Declaration of Independence?”

It isn’t a “really good story,” you nitwit. It was an actual event where a letter was composed, signed and sent to the King of England declaring our independence. It was an action that created a flood of events that led to our nation’s founding. It wasn’t just some pretty tale we tell, but fact. They weren’t just envisioning a better life; rather, they set in motion the events that created a better — and more importantly freer — form of self-government.

Signing on to that Declaration put a price on each of those men’s head. They weren’t just starry-eyed dreamers sitting around talking about “what could be.”

It’s bad enough having to watch Obama’s love affair with tyranny on full display every time this idiot leaves our shores. But to have to endure his constant attacks and insults of my country is getting too much to bear.

Honestly. This guy is a treasonous, vile bastard.

Miss Saigon 2016