Lowering expectations


If you haven’t seen it, that is an article from yesterday’s Huffington Post.

I know what you’re thinking. Why would an openly Leftist publication declare Hillary has already lost the election?

But they aren’t the only ones planting the seed that Hillary is toast.

There’s been a lot of Sturm und Drang among the Enslaved Press this past week over Hillary Clinton.

From Politico to the Hill to the HuffPo, the news reports on the panic within the Democrat Party have been legion.

I smell a rat.

Democrats never admit defeat unless it serves their purposes to do so.

Always remember that.

For the Left, controlling the narrative is key.

So why are they indulging in such a defeatist narrative fifty days before the election?

Why the frantic wailing about an impending Trump landslide coming from Democrats and their dutiful Enslaved Press?

Sure, part of it is to create a reasonable facsimile of “voter enthusiasm” by terrifying the snot out of the Democrat base in order to scare them to the polls in November.

But I think there’s more to it than that. There is a more immediate and pressing reason for creating the narrative that Hillary Clinton has already lost.

It’s all about lowering expectations.

Next Monday evening is the first Presidential debate.

If the Democrat-supporting Enslaved Press is willing to indulge in a little hysterical panic over what a miserable candidate Hillary is, they’re lowering expectations for the debate.

This way, even if Hillary is relatively unimpressive in next week’s debate, the narrative can be spun like so:

Clinton’s impressive comeback at debate dispels concerns over her prospects in November.

Team Clinton is well aware that there is a large percentage of undecideds out there who just might be swayed one way or the other after seeing Trump and Clinton debate. As a result, Hillary has put all of her eggs in the debate basket.

Just a month ago, Democrats and the Enslaved Press were confident Hillary would win the debates hands down.

But over the last several weeks, their candidate has experienced quite a few unforced errors.

Her disgusting “Basket of Deplorables” comment backfired on her in a big, BIG way. Rather than benefit her, it gave even more of a boost to Trump. Worse still, it further emboldened the enthusiasm on Trump’s side.

Her very public collapse on September 11, and the subsequent lying about her health rattled everyone — especially the Enslaved Press.

Hillary’s cratering poll numbers not just nationally and in battleground states, but states once thought of as Democrat strongholds have everyone in the Democrat Party concerned that their candidate can’t pass muster.

And when Hillary is out there campaigning, her rallies are sparsely attended and hardly what you could call “rousing.”

Any confidence the Enslaved Press and Democrats had for Hillary’s debate performance has all but evaporated.

By lowering expectations – by building up the sense that all is lost – the Democrats and the Enslaved Press can portray even a mediocre debate performance by Hillary as a knock-out win.

No matter how she does, Chris Matthews’s post-debate panel can marvel about what an impressive turnaround Hillary managed in that debate.

Lowering expectations lowers the bar. The more depressing articles about “all is lost,” the lower the bar goes.

The hope is that by Monday evening, the bar is so low, even the sick, decrepit Hillary could step over it even without the assistance of a phalanx of body men.

Don’t get me wrong. The Clinton water-carriers in the Enslaved Press are terrified at what a dreadful candidate Hillary has turned out to be.

But the only reason they would openly admit it is if it serves their purposes.

I’m convinced the purpose is to lower expectations for next week’s debate.

Consider this.

If the Enslaved Press were strutting around like Mick Jagger and arrogantly claiming that Hillary is going to wipe the floor with Trump next Monday, what the hell are they going to say if her debate performance is mediocre?

How could they possibly spin the narrative in Hillary’s favor?

But by lowering expectations, by openly fretting about Hillary’s lackluster poll numbers and dwindling electoral college map, that same mediocre debate performance can be spun into one heck of a comeback.

The narrative is everything.

These guys know the momentum is with Donald Trump.

The only hope they have of giving Hillary’s flagging campaign a much-needed shot in the arm is to create the illusion that the debate was her shining moment.

Since they really can’t trust that Hillary will make the debate her shining moment, these hacks are simply lowering expectations.

That way, no matter how dismal a performance she gives, they can take a victory lap. They can marvel at her amazing, come-from-behind win.

And milk it for days afterward.

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2 thoughts on “Lowering expectations

  • September 21, 2016 at 5:37 pm

    Anything short of her stroking out and having a grand mal seizure as she short circuits on the debate stage will be declared a yuge victory by the enemedia – and I WILL remember that Dianny called it first!
    Having said that, I want to add that IF she shows up, my Donald will mop the floor with her, like the used up old rag that she is no matter what the liars say.

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