Lunatic Fringe makes DiFi their bitch


It isn’t just journalists who have demeaned and degraded their profession.

The Senate Democrats have as well.

With their clownish behavior and unscrupulous smear tactics, they have made a mockery of the Senate confirmation process.

And for what?

To appease the unhinged and deranged ResistanceLOL.

Kamala Harris’ craven lies about Brett Kavanaugh and contraceptives.

Cory Booker’s opportunistic preening.

And now Senator Dianne Feinstein’s eleventh hour attempted smear using an anonymous source who makes an unsubstantiated accusation against Kavanaugh from freaking high school.

Harris and Booker, I expect. After all, they both plan to run for President. And for some reason Democrats believe the way to push yourself to the head of the 2020 pack is to slander, demagogue, lie and smear.

But DiFi pulling out at the last minute this anonymous accusation that she’s sat on since July put both Harris and Booker’s shameful behavior to shame.

How does it feel to be the ResistanceLOL’s bitch, DiFi?

You haven’t harmed Brett Kavanaugh, but you’ve completely destroyed what little reputation you had left.

And for what?

Do you really believe for one micro-second that this Hail Mary Smear would save you in November?

When your base consists of unhinged crazies who will stop at nothing to get what they want, it takes strong character and a backbone to stand up to them and not sink to their level.

But for the Senate Democrats, strong character and a backbone are in short supply.

I’m sure DiFi thought her prearranged stunt with anti-gun Parkland dad and “HandshakeGate” was going to sink Kavanaugh’s chances.

But it evaporated into nothing in less than 24 hours.

Partly because video of the so-called “snub” debunked the guy’s claim.

And partly because it got lost in a sea of insanity – both from the unhinged crazies in the gallery and the hyper-dramatic histrionics from DiFi’s fellow Senators.

But the ResistanceLOL is demanding Kavanaugh’s head on a pike.

And since she is their bitch, Dianne Feinstein was left with no other option than to unleash this slanderous, anonymous eleventh hour smear.

But there’s a problem with sucking up to the loud, hysterical minority.

You end up pushing too hard and too far to appease them. And you never think things through.

So it didn’t surprise me when, within hours, DiFi’s craven smear blew up in her face like a faulty grenade.

On what planet is it smart to take the lead of the unhinged lunatic fringe this close to a Midterm election?

But what choice do the Democrats have?

The ResistanceLOL is the tail wagging the dog.

And rather than distance themselves from these flying monkeys, Democrats willingly let themselves become their bitch. Even those “honorable” members of the “World’s Most Deliberative Body” are not immune.

Does DiFi actually believe that she will A) stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation and B) prevent a far-Left candidate from defeating her in November by pandering to these people?

Or perhaps she knows her defeat is a fait accompli. So, like a good little soldier, she is taking one for the team.

Whatever the case, DiFi has damaged herself far more than she damaged Brett Kavanaugh.

And she’s done more harm to the Senate Democrats than any Republican ever could.

Let’s be honest, her timing couldn’t be worse.

Apparently Dianne Feinstein forgot that a goodly number of Senate Democrats from red states are up for reelection.

And unleashing this vile, despicable smear so close to November is going to backfire on them in a big, BIG way.

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4 thoughts on “Lunatic Fringe makes DiFi their bitch

  • September 14, 2018 at 9:49 am

    Have you noticed that the MSM has pushed the polls again? They are boasting that democrats will take the house by a comfortable plus 8 percent, which is laughable considering that they over sample democrats and the numbers are ridiculous.
    Do they think that people forget how rigged and off the polls were?

  • September 14, 2018 at 9:57 am

    Slimeswine is an ignorant, useless, POS to say the least ! Not a doubt in my mind that this ranks right up there with Harry Reid’s claim that mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes ! The Democrats are losing on all fronts and will sell their souls to screw with Trump !

      • September 14, 2018 at 1:29 pm

        Thanks! Now I have to clean soda off my computer screen.

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