Make-Believe Girl wants a Make-Believe World

If you need a strong argument against transsexuals serving in the military, look no further than Bradley Manning.

This make-believe girl isn’t just a traitor.

He’s also mind-bogglingly delusional.


Ah, yes.

Just imagine.

Apparently Bradley believes if we pretend hard enough, we can wish violent criminals into fluffy bunnies.

You know. The same way he thinks if he pretends hard enough, he can wish himself into a female.

Of course, Bradley’s make-believe world of no prisons would also include no guns, no military and no police.

Which pretty much guarantees that his make-believe world will look a hell of a lot more like “Escape from New York” than the rainbow and unicorn Utopia Bradley imagines.

Seriously. How the hell did this dummy ever make it into the military to begin with?

But Leftists don’t live in the real world.

They’re like the Eloi from H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” – blissfully ignorant of the dangers that surround them while they lounge about like neutered sheep. And do nothing to defend themselves when the Morlocks attack.

What astonishes me about Bradley’s insipid tweet is how many fellow Eloi liked it.

They’re like the morons in the movie “Independence Day” who flocked to the roof of an LA skyscraper to welcome the aliens to our planet.

And how’d that work out for them?

A make-believe world with no prisons would turn the real world into Thunderdome.

Any sane person can noodle that out without breaking a sweat.

But for Bradley Manning? Not so much.

See, Leftists really do believe that they can change the nature of man.

To them, evil doesn’t really exist. It is nothing but a social construct that can be wished away with wooly-headed thinking and rainbow emojis.

In a lot of ways, people like Bradley Manning are more dangerous and insidious than violent murdering rapists.

It isn’t enough for them to play “let’s pretend.” These idiots really want to test the theory of their make-believe world. Which means dragging the rest of us down with them.

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3 thoughts on “Make-Believe Girl wants a Make-Believe World

  • August 9, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    The US military is laying out the welcome mat to fruitcakes like Manning, who in all likelihood will cost the taxpayers untold amounts of money for future psychiatric counseling and ” gender-corrective” surgeries, yet wouldn’t accept my son, who was a good student, athlete, and physically fit, but had a surgically-repaired ACL from a prior sports injury. Absolutely sickening.

  • August 9, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    First of all “Bradley”, I’d rather imagine a world without idiots like you. You’re a make believe *girl* in a make believe world.

  • August 9, 2017 at 5:53 pm

    I’ve been calling these ProgLeft maroons Eloi for years. Sheep just didn’t cut it. Wells’s paradigm is more apt in that the Morlocks are really just setting them up to be eaten

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