Margaret Sanger would be proud

Margaret Sanger

Some hateful shrew from a magazine I’ve never heard of is advocating that white women abort their children in order to eradicate “white supremacy” and “white privilege.”

And somewhere in hell, Margaret Sanger is applauding.

The magazine is “Medusa Magazine” which bills itself as “Feminist Revolution Now.”

And the crack-brained advocate for racial genocide is one Nicole Valentine.

It must gall her to have “Valentine” as a last name. After all, what better example is there of misogynistic patriarchy than Valentine’s Day?

I’d link to her article, but why provide her with hits? If you’re really curious, you can Google it.

Just a brief lookie-loo at her psychotic delusions about the scourge of white supremacy was enough to make my paranoid schizophrenic grandmother look sane by comparison.

By her tally, everything about America is rooted in “white supremacy.” The Second Amendment allows white terrorism. In fact, the whole Constitution is nothing more than a white supremacist manifesto according to this wack-job.

Then she gets down to the nub of her argument which is this.

If white progressive women are serious about combatting their own privilege, they must willingly kill off their unborn children.

Sure, it sounds insane. But it isn’t exactly a new concept behind abortion.

Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood with one mission in mind: to eradicate a specific race.

Of course, Sanger was looking to kill off blacks, but still.

The truth is abortion has always been about preemptive genocide.

And this crackpot feminist is only staying true to abortion’s objective.

The only difference between this crazy feminist and Margaret Sanger is the target of this genocide.

Sanger believed blacks were weeds.

And this lovely lady believes white people are.

In her eyes, whites are parasites and the “white family unit must be destroyed.”

In fact, not only would Margaret Sanger approve of this message, but Adolf Hitler would as well.

I half expected her to launch into a screed about “living space” for the superior brown-skinned people.

What’s strange about this article is she is only encouraging “white progressive women” to commit preemptive genocide against their unborn white children.

And because of that, I’m feeling ambivalent.

Because the idea of so-called “progressive women” not procreating actually appeals to me.

And if she encouraged these “white progressive women” to tie their tubes so that there is no fear of them ever getting pregnant, I’d be in thunderous agreement.

But just like Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler, Miss Valentine would rather her genocide be carried out through slaughter.

I admit, this kind of virulent, irrational hatred of a race of people is completely foreign to me.

And what I find truly sad is this kind of “thinking” does not come naturally for sentient human beings.

It has to be taught.

And somewhere in this hateful, disgusting woman’s life, there were people encouraging her and guiding her to foment this level of racist hatred.

Genocide is a practice of the extremist Left.

And that has never changed over the years.

But this is the very thinking that is encouraged on college campuses and in public schools.

Young people are being indoctrinated to hate white people to the point where they have no qualms about writing a screed encouraging the eradication of the white race.

Virulent racism is being normalized in ways we have never seen before in this country. They are taking a fringe belief and mainstreaming it.

And in that respect, deep in the bowels of Hell, Margaret Sanger must be a little bit envious of virulent racists like Nicole Valentine.

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2 thoughts on “Margaret Sanger would be proud

  • June 26, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    I welcome this author whom cannot be located, to stand out and announce her evil association with the Devil himself! No minoins just the head evil master she must have sex with also, along with Hillary. I just bet Hillary is in on it too! She obviously is a DEmocrat, and is not afriad to be a complete ass in public, not unlike this abtifa group that are clueless as to why-who-of WTF they are doing!

  • June 26, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    Let’s hope all these wacko Libs listen to her. Within a generation, only normals would be left to decide the future of our once great republic

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