Mark CNN down as anti-Brexit

The Clinton News Network’s reporting of tomorrow’s referendum vote in Great Britain all but screams anti-Brexit.

And if CNN is against it, count me for it!

The Enslaved Press can’t stand the thought of the hoi polloi getting all uppity and demanding such pesky inconvenient things like self-determination, independence and sovereignty. Don’t those little people in Britain realize that CNN and the rest of their betters know what’s best?

Today, CNN is letting their anti-Brexit flag fly by linking the Brexit movement to Donald Trump. Which, apparently, is their way of saying it’s a bad thing.

While the vote is designed to settle Britain’s long-ambivalent attitude towards Europe, the underlying themes of the too-close-to-call referendum look familiar to anyone who has been transfixed by the turbulent U.S. presidential election.
The similarities in the two campaigns suggest powerful shared tensions are tearing at the world’s most enduring English-speaking democracies. And whatever the outcome of each vote, the forces unleashed seem likely to rattle the respective political systems for years to come.
They both feature a torrent of populist anger, fear-mongering by politicians, hostility towards distant elites and bitterness towards the ruling political, media and business establishment.

How dare they exhibit “bitterness towards the ruling political, media and business establishment!!!” What ungrateful little rubes!

CNN, like most of the ruling class really need to brush up on Newton’s Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The action of the ruling establishment’s push for globalization and collectivism is going to result in some righteous push-back. Anybody who grasps basic physics could have seen this coming.

[You can read about how the Trump phenomenon is part of America’s “Equal and Opposite Reaction” HERE]

CNN continues:

Former London mayor Boris Johnson warned in May that the E.U. was the latest manifestation of a 2,000-year project to unify Europe under a single government.
“Napoleon, Hitler, various people tried this out, and it ends tragically,” Johnson told the Sunday Telegraph in arguing for leaving the European Union. “The EU is an attempt to do this by different methods.”
Such emotive rhetoric is reminiscent of Trump’s own claims that the independence of the United States itself is under threat.
“We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism,” Trump said in a major foreign policy speech in Washington in April.

That doesn’t sound like “emotive rhetoric” to me. In fact, it makes perfect sense. Others have tried to unify Europe under one banner. Though the EU isn’t trying to do it through war, they are doing it through coercion — including economic coercion. The objective and intent is just as harmful to the sovereignty of every European country.

What CNN fails to acknowledge (big surprise) is that the push for a globalized, borderless world is not the stuff of “emotive rhetoric” and conspiracy, but fact. Was it not the United States’ own Secretary of State John Kerry who waxed philosophical to Northeastern University’s graduating class about the wonders of a “borderless world?”

If you really want to talk about “emotive rhetoric” and “fearmongering by politicians,” CNN should pay attention to the things Democrats are saying about guns, gun owners, Republicans and, “right wing extremists.”

And, of course, CNN wants to try to paint the Brexit movement as nothing more than a bunch of frothing-at-the-mouth racists — you know, just like all those anti-immigration Trump supporters.

There is also a current of nationalism at work. It’s not unusual, for instance, to see both Eurosceptics and Trump supporters utter the phrase: “I want to take our country back.”
In each country, such feelings have translated to hostility toward outsiders.

Translated by whom? CNN? The Progressive Left?

A country is the people, not the governing class. The people who live there determine what kind of a country it will be. But what we’re seeing happening today is a select few deciding what kind of country they want regardless of the thoughts, ideas, traditions and culture of the people who live there. It’s why arrogant pricks like Obama are forever telling the American People, “That’s not who we are,” and “That’s not in keeping with our values.” And who does Barack Obama want determining “who we are?” The American people? No. This arrogant git wants to determine it for us.

Self-determination scares the shit out of these people. So they practice a little “emotive rhetoric” of their own and portray those who seek self-determination as being nothing but hateful racists.

In Britain, immigrants from struggling Eastern European states willing to work for low wages have become targets in a nation, like the U.S., in which globalization has badly hit heavy industry.
The immigration question has been exacerbated by the flows of refugees from Middle East wars into southern Europe and opposition to the core E.U. principle of free movement of peoples between member states.
In the United States, Trump has accused undocumented migrants, most of them from Latin America, of undercutting U.S. workers. Trump has also slammed foreign actors like China and Japan for fleecing the U.S. in trade deals.
Similarly, Eurosceptics have argued that, freed from the constraints of the European Union, British companies will be more competitive.

Oy, gevalt! Say it with me, CNN: Immigration is to be what is in the best interests of a nation. The British people have every right to decide who can and cannot come in to their country. Right now, the EU wants to decide that for them. That’s insane. The EU does not have the best interests of Britain at heart. No nation should be beholden to an entity that does not have its best interests in mind. Period.

What CNN refuses to acknowledge is that governments work best when they are closely tied to the people. Is Britain better served when faceless bureaucrats in Brussels are making decisions for them, or when the decisions for their nation are made by their own elected leaders?

Likewise, are the American people better served when faceless bureaucrats in Washington are making decisions for them, or when decisions for their community, town, city, county and state are made on the local level?

Britain wants to be a sovereign nation again. I totally get that. And I’m on board. Who the hell can blame them, really?

The truth is, the EU is a sinking ship. Brexit is Great Britain’s way of launching a lifeboat and getting the hell out of there before the EU plummets to the bottom of the sea under the weight of bankrupted nations, overburdened welfare systems flooded with migrants from the Middle East and Africa. The ruling class would prefer to grab Britain by the ankles and drag it down to the murky depths in some globalist murder/suicide pact.

Free people have every right to live free. Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness — these are unalienable rights, endowed in every human being by God. It is the right of a people to establish a nation that will preserve and protect the individual’s unalienable rights.

We Americans know a little something about that.

And by “we,” I don’t include the berks at CNN who apparently are clueless.

Sovereignty has become a dirty word in today’s “global society.” We’ve become a world led by insipid fools motivated by power and greed, and concerned with things like “fairness,” “collectivism,” and “control.” The notion of sovereign people — sovereign nations — offends them.

In his book Ameritopia, Mark Levin refers to these elitist rulers as “Masterminds.” They know what’s best. In their view, Utopian ideals can be achieved through the control and direction of a few over the many. But Masterminds are not unique to the American ruling class. They skitter through the halls of the UN. They populate the apparatus of the European Union. And they roam the halls at CNN. Progressive globalists exist everywhere.

For these Masterminds, a sovereign people is a people they are unable to control. So sovereignty must go.

Human beings yearn to be free — to be masters of their own destiny. I see the Brexit movement as a people seeking to restore their sovereignty. As an American — living in a nation founded on the ideals of self-government, individual Liberty and Sovereignty — I understand the fight to live in freedom.

You would think an American news network would not have such a hard time grasping the objective behind Brexit (or behind the Trump movement for that matter).

But then again, CNN, like most of the ruling class of this country, aren’t too keen on our founding ideals. Are they?

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2 thoughts on “Mark CNN down as anti-Brexit

  • June 22, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    I’m pro Brexit. Government works best the closer it is to those being governed. Not to leave is a surrender of British sovereignty.

  • June 24, 2016 at 8:10 am

    Without pretending to understand the economic ramifications of Brexit, my default position has always been self-determination & sovereignty over the globalist bastards. Forget CNN, the second Obummer came out against it, I knew it was the right thing for the UK & the world.

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