There may be blood in the water, but Trump is the shark


The Drudge Report has had this headline since Sunday afternoon:

blood in the water

That may well be true.

But if there is blood in the water, the Democrats may be wise to remember that Donald Trump isn’t the prey.

He is the shark.

And his unleashing all this talk about ObamaGate may be creating a feeding frenzy. But make no mistake. Trump is the one who will pick these people off like a Mako.

John Hayward has one hell of an article over at Breitbart.

And his premise is so damn brilliant, I wish I thought of it myself.

It’s possible one reason Trump issued his explosive tweets on surveillance was to make everyone put up or shut up. That might already be working, as some of the more aggressive dealers in unsubstantiated innuendo are suddenly admitting they don’t have any actual evidence.

I think he may be on to something.

Whatever President Trump’s intentions were in using Twitter to touch off this firestorm, one of the immediate effects has been letting the gas out of all those speculative Trump stories. The Democratic media is now furiously working to prove all of its own previous coverage of the Trump-Russia allegations was little more than idle speculation, every bit as lacking in hard evidence as Trump’s accusation that Obama was tapping his phones.

The Democrats and their allies in the sycophantic media just cannot get through their heads that the tactics they use against Republicans to great success do not work on Donald Trump.

It’s as though Trump, because of his years in mainstream media, is inoculated against these smears.

And they simply slide right off of him like he’s been Scotch-Guarded.

President Trump isn’t the one who is scrambling and breathlessly back-peddling.

No. That would be the Democrats and the Enslaved Press.

He’s got them worked up into such a frenzy that they’re becoming sloppy and defensive.

And even worse, the minions of Fake News are turning on each other.

As Hayward puts it:

Intentionally or accidentally, Trump just forced the press to admit how weak the bulk of those allegations were. The wiretapping timeline that has drawn so much attention since Saturday night was largely based on mainstream media reporting. The media is effectively saying, “Hey, wait, we were just blowing smoke. We didn’t think anyone would take those reports seriously and build a case that Obama was wiretapping Trump. We just wanted to make Trump look bad by pumping up vague rumors that he and his campaign might have been under observation!”

So, sure. There may very well be blood in the water.

But the blood belongs to the Democrats and their hacks in the Fake News.

And while they’re busy devouring each other, President Trump is the one who will swim away from the fray completely untouched.

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3 thoughts on “There may be blood in the water, but Trump is the shark

  • March 6, 2017 at 9:26 am

    If only you could have put Obama in an ‘expendable away team’ Red Shirt….

    You know; like the Red Shirted crew members who get killed on every episode……


  • March 6, 2017 at 11:08 am

    Love the Star Trek ‘shop! And might I say, every single day since Election night, I thank God that Donald Trump decided (finally) to run for President and that he won. I shudder to think what the consequences had been if she who shall not be named had “won.”

  • March 6, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    Obama against Trump in checkers would be a complete mismatch also.

    It’s funny one moment watching people in Social Media laughing at Trump because they are reading these headlines ‘No Evidence’, then reading the time line. That promotes the ever predictable Texas 2 step onto another subject.

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