The Moonbat Resistance found its Leader


What’s an army without a commanding officer, my friends?

Well, it’s a whole lotta nothing.

Just a bunch of people dressed in the same clothes waiting for someone to tell them what to do.

But fortunately, the Moonbat Resistance has finally found its leader.

No, not Tom Perez or Elizabeth Warren.

Hell, not even Bernie Sanders or Maxine Waters.

No, the Moonbat Resistance has rallied behind the King-Freak of Moonbats Rachel Maddow.

Her ratings are skyrocketing.

Which only goes to prove, if you can find one Moonbat to lead them, plenty of lesser moonbats will flock to her side.

Let’s face it, San Francisco residents weren’t migrating to Guyana in the 1970s to harvest sugar cane.

Crazies always find each other. And they’re easily led.

I think it’s Newton’s Second Law of Moonbattery.

In the interests of full disclosure, I cannot bring myself to watch even a minute of Rachel Maddow. Maybe it’s the Lupus, but cringing that badly is painful for me.

And Rachel Maddow is the poster child for Cringe-worthy.

But the Resistance loves her.

Then again, they appear to be immune to embarrassment.

Fox News has begun to struggle to maintain its dominance of cable news in large part because of Rachel Maddow’s rising success.

She’s become the Marshall Applewhite of the Anti-Trump Heaven’s Gate.

But I don’t think it’s because all the people who watched Fox drank the Kool-Aid and are now Maddow Cultists.

Instead, I think it’s because a large segment of the Fox News audience has given up on cable entirely.

The constant hackery and fake newsery of cable was bound to drive people away.

The secret got out, you see. Folks learned that even if they never tune in to ESPN, CNN or MSNBC, those networks are still making money off of their cable subscription.

As a result, many Americans who have grown sick and tired of the non-stop Trump-bashing and Fake News are jettisoning their cable packages and using alternative media instead.

And when all the sane people wise up and head for the exits, all that remain are the moonbats.

Do you think they’ll tune in to Tucker Carlson or The Five?

Heck no.

Between CNN and MSNBC, the competition to attract the moonbats was certainly heated.

But Rachel Maddow won the booby prize.

Celebrities worship her.

Pussy-hat-wearing drones admire her.

Sunken-chested Beta Males wish they were as butch as her.

And conspiracy-addled kooks get their daily fix of crazy.

How could she not win the Resistance Ratings Game?

Rachel has become the Official Gatekeeper for the Far Left Echo Chamber – the Commanding Officer of the Moonbat Army.

But there’s no coming back from this kind of over-the-top, conspiracy-fueled cult.

It’s only a matter of time before we find them all lying face down in the dirt clutching an empty juice cup in their cold, dead hands. While old episodes of the Rachel Maddow Show play in the background.

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4 thoughts on “The Moonbat Resistance found its Leader

  • May 14, 2017 at 10:19 am

    She did indeed win the booby prize. If the crumbs of her standard rating is used to measure of her “skyrocketing ratings”, it’s simply more crumbs.

    Fox’s decision to jettison O’Reilly left a huge vacuum. I was the first in the household to dial FNC way back, right around last August’s debate. Now the Hallmark channel gets the best bump out of here, and I don’t even have a sat box.

  • May 14, 2017 at 10:46 am

    While all of the crazy morons flock to Rachel Madcow, smart people tune into Alternate News sites and get educated. I love your site!

  • May 14, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    One Moonbat to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them!

  • May 15, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    This curious mind wants to know. Does this person (can’t figure out if it’s male or female) EVER wear anything but black?

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