More bad news for Basta Boy

Jeepers, Basta Boy Avenatti is having a rough few months, isn’t he?

Let’s see.

The Democrats and media blamed him for tanking the Kavanaugh smear with his last-minute pile-on.

Then, a judge tosses his porn client’s defamation suit and orders her to pay for President Trump’s legal fees.

Oh, and let’s not forget he gets evicted.

Then the Senate Judiciary Committee refers him and his last-minute client to the FBI.

And now Basta Boy Avenatti gets arrested for Felony Domestic Violence.

The sordid tale of Basta Boy is making me a firm believer in Karma.

Over the weekend, Avenatti decided to exact a little revenge against Tucker Carlson.

And trust me. It was all about revenge.

Because as much as Basta Boy Avenatti tries to portray himself as a tough-as-nails, not at all thin-skinned tough guy (you know, not like Bad Old Orange Man), he really is a vindictive baby.

Tucker’s nickname for Avenatti – “creepy porn lawyer” – must have burrowed under his thin skin like a tick and made him all kinds of crazy.

Of course, I’m sure it hasn’t helped that Tucker’s nickname has spread like a brushfire throughout social media and the Internet.

Worse still, Basta Boy was made to look like a complete clown on Tucker’s show just a couple months ago.

And in a petulant snit, Avenatti decided to take Tucker down.

Yeah, it didn’t work.

And before he can catch his breath over that failure, he gets taken into custody by the LAPD.

See? Karma.

Allegedly, his first reaction (before spewing profanities) was, “She hit me first!”

Naturally, there are plenty of people enjoying a little Schadenfreude over Basta Boy Avenatti’s latest predicament. And, really? Who can blame them?

Some people are just so staggeringly awful that watching them stumble over Karma in such a spectacular way is hard not to enjoy.

I wonder if MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle still believes Avenatti is the “savior of the Republic?”

But see, unlike Basta Boy, I believe in the presumption of innocence.

And just because this woman accused him doesn’t make it true. He has the right to due process. Even if he doesn’t believe that right applies to others.

Time will tell if prosecutors have the evidence necessary to indict him.

And if they don’t, he will be free. That is how our justice system is supposed to work.

If that’s the end result, wouldn’t it be nice if Basta Boy developed a little empathy for those he has falsely accused?

Who am I kidding?

That’s never going to happen.

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