So much for “When They Go Low, We Go High”

How low did she go?

Well, according to a recent study by Wesleyan University, Hillary Clinton is the limbo champion of the world.

The Wesleyan Media Project discovered that over 90% of Hillary Clinton’s negative advertising was personal attacks against Donald Trump.

While less than 10% focused on policy differences.

So much for her much-ballyhooed claim “When they go low, we go high.”

Turns out the only time Hillary Clinton went high was when someone dosed her with Diazepam.

But who’s surprised by this?

Hillary Clinton never had an affirmative message.

That was crystal clear from her performance in all three debates.

Hillary’s entire sales pitch was, “Do you really want this terrible human being to be President?!”

Apparently the answer was “Yes, we do!”

What’s ironic is how often Hillary accused Donald Trump of being “divisive.”

But from the looks of it, Hillary was the divisive one.

Team Clinton invested a hell of a lot of money in attacking her opponent personally. While at the same time they effectively ignored the issues voters cared about.

But remember how often Hillary accused Mr. Trump of not wanting to discuss the issues?

Yeah, well, let’s have a lookie-loo, shall we?

From the study:

In total, over 60 percent of ads supporting Clinton were solely about candidate characteristics, while only about 25 percent were focused on policy. This is a huge difference from Trump’s advertising, over 70 percent of which was focused on policy, and it is a huge difference from every other presidential campaign for which we have comparable data (Figure 9).

But if you recall, during the campaign the Enslaved Press endlessly complained that it was Mr. Trump, not Mrs. Clinton, who never provided any policy details.

Yet the reality was something else entirely.

There’s a reason Donald Trump won the election.

And it wasn’t anger or divisiveness. It wasn’t racism or xenophobia.

Donald Trump won because the American people cared about the issues that he campaigned on. His was an affirmative message.

And as much as Hillary hoped to paint him in a negative light, it was she who came off as a petty, mean-spirited creep.

The truth is, the Democrats never go high.

And, if their current behavior is any indication, that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Hat tip The American Mirror.

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