Mumble-mouth Sharpton knows why Hillary lost

Mumble-mouth Sharpton

Well, Al Sharpton isn’t very happy with loser Hillary.

The other day in an interview on BuzzFeed Ben Smith’s podcast, Sharpton had some very sharp, albeit jumbled words for Team Hillary.

Explaining Hillary’s loss in November, Mumble-mouth Sharpton blamed it on Russian interference.

Just kidding!

I doubt Al could pronounce “interference.”

No, Mumble-mouth Sharpton says Hillary lost because she took her base for granted.

And by “base,” Al means black people.

You can play this clip courtesy of Free Beacon.

But be prepared for your standard Mumble-mouth Sharpton style of speaking.

If you can’t endure the audio, here’s the bulk of the interview (and you’re welcome):

Sharpton: “Her mistake was she did not mobilize in the black community. Let me tell you why. You were there. We had one of the biggest gatherings of black ministers and all at the convention … in Philadelphia. Right? They’re all there. Marc Morial’s there from the Urban League, the head of the N-A-C-P’s there. How do you not have Mrs. Clinton come by?”

Yes, he says “N-A-C-P.” Apparently Mumble-mouth Sharpton thinks it’s the National Association for Colored People. Or, possibly the National Advancement of Colored People. Or maybe he’s just a mumbled-mouth.

Ben Smith: “And you asked her?”
Sharpton: “We invited her. How do you not come by? These are the people that get your vote out. That’s your base. You lost Michigan by what, 15 to 20,000 votes? You could have got that if you mobilized two housing projects or three churches. Never touched them. So, in many ways, I think that the whole question of ‘Oh, we gotta reach out to the Appalachians and to the blue collar workers and stop the identity politics.’ Well, that’s one strategy.”


Is he high?

Al, you dumbass. Hillary spat on coal miners. She ignored blue collar workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Who in his right mind would think Hillary ignored “identity politics” in favor of “Appalachians” and blue collar workers?

Sharpton: “What I’m saying is you never worked your own base. You took your base for granted. So, it’s not that you need to go another way, you didn’t identify with those in identity politics and that’s why you had the lowest turnout you had around blacks in a long time.”

Is Al Sharpton so stupid that he thinks Hillary Clinton didn’t “identify with those in identity politics?”

Where was he for the entire 2016 election season?

Does he not remember Hillary telling a Hip-Hop morning show about her hot sauce?

But then Mumble-mouth Sharpton gets to the nub of the matter.

Sharpton: “She would call me. She came to my convention. But they never … uh … engaged us in the campaign. And how do you decide that those that were part of … with … helped President Obama …

Spit it out, Al.

”…all of a sudden you gone flip the script. Bring back your friends from the nineties whose Rolodex is outdated. And I think that’s where they did the wrong math in the Clinton campaign.”

Poor, neglected Al.

Hillary pandered her guts out to win over black voters. Plus she did everything short of come out of the closet to appeal to gays.

And who can forget her Abuela debacle to ensnare Latino voters?

She went after the Obama Coalition like a rat after a piece of cheese.

But here’s why Al’s upset.

Hillary didn’t sufficiently kiss his ring.

Al believes he and he alone is the conduit to all black people.

And in his mind, if Hillary isn’t engaging him in her campaign, she must be eschewing identity politics for “Appalachians” and blue collar workers.

What a dumbass.

Much like how his tongue gets in the way of his ability to speak, Al Sharpton’s ego gets in the way of his ability to rationally assess anything.

This wasn’t an analysis of Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

It was Al Sharpton airing his sour grapes.

What’s tremendously pathetic is Mumble-mouth Sharpton probably does believe that if Hillary had made use of him, she would be President today.

And for that, I don’t know whether to feel sorry for the guy or laugh my ass off.

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2 thoughts on “Mumble-mouth Sharpton knows why Hillary lost

  • May 24, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    How dare he say she ignored the base? Didn’t she tell them that she was in no way ‘tarred’?
    Did they not know she carries hot sauce in her purse??

  • May 25, 2017 at 9:42 am

    she didn’t ignore her base, she pandered to them endlessly. Hot sauce, fried chicken , watermelon, “who let the dogs out?” I think her base saw through her obvious pandering

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