My thoughts on tomorrow’s Democrat Debate

Whelp. Tomorrow is the big night. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be watching. In fact, I’ve been practicing my exasperated sighs, my eye-rolling and my cursing at my computer monitor in preparation. As we gear up for the first Lefty Grunge Match, here are my thoughts on tomorrow’s Democrat Debate on CNN — what to expect and what to prepare for.

Here’s what we already know about it.

CNN Debate moderator Anderson Cooper has gone on record saying there will not be any ” gotcha” questions.

Now, I’m guessing by “gotcha” questions, he means any questions that might force frontrunner Hillary Clinton to have to go on the record about anything and, more importantly, on the defensive.

But that’s pretty much conjecture on my part.

CNN is also saying they don’t expect the ratings bonanza they received from last month’s Republican debate. Which makes sense.

However, given the fact that the DNC is being so stingy about having their candidates face off, I think ratings will be better than expected.

Like I said, I’ll be watching. Being a fan of painful, inadvertent comedy, you couldn’t pay me to skip it.

Now, some thoughts on what to expect.

First, be prepared for Android Hillary. The former Miss Rodham will be so over-prepared that she will come off as far more robotic than she normally does.

I Robot Hillary

Her answers will be over-rehearsed, her responses mechanical, the interjection of humor so belabored it will make her Saturday Night Live appearance look downright inspired. And trust me, they are coming up with every possible way Hillary can remind everyone of her lady parts. Having Sanders on that debate stage will force Hillary to try and out-socialist him at every turn. But, because CNN probably won’t call her on the mounting flip-flops her veering Leftward has caused, expect Bernie to be the one to point out that Hillary is rather an Ivan-come-lately to socialism.

Unlike the former Miss Rodham, I’d venture to guess that Bernie Sanders is probably not bothering to prepare at all. My guess is the Bernie campaign believes simply leaving Bernie to be Bernie is the best plan of action.

Lincoln Chaffee probably doesn’t even know he’s in a debate tomorrow night. But with the absence of Joe Biden, I am counting on him to provide the best comic relief.

Since CNN is more than likely there to shield Hillary, I don’t expect much by way of substantive questions or serious debate. Nor do I expect any fireworks. Unless of course one of the other candidates is the one igniting them. And, if I had to guess, I’d say Martin O’Malley will be the one who is aggressive in his attacks.

Martin O’Malley is betting a hell of a lot on this debate. After months of bitching about the lack of them, he knows he has to break through tomorrow night or he’s done. That may mean O’Malley is the most forceful in his attacks against the frontrunner. He’s already burned a lot of bridges with the DNC and may think he has nothing to lose going on the attack.

With Biden not on stage, my guess is, O’Malley knows this is probably his only chance to distinguish himself from the other Clinton opponents. Because if Joe does jump in, the focus will be almost exclusively on him versus Hillary. If O’Malley wants any hope of remaining in this race, tomorrow night has to be his moment.

Likewise, this may be the best opportunity for former Senator Jim Webb to establish himself as the least radical Democrat candidate. While the Democrat Party as a whole veers further and further toward the Left, Webb is an old-style Democrat — the candidate most in line with those Democrat voters who have felt abandoned by the Leftward trajectory of the modern-day Obama-Democrat party. Expect Webb to do his best to make the most of that distinction.

The problem for Webb, of course, is Democrats who actually love America and believe in national defense aren’t just a dying breed; they’re practically extinct. The likelihood he can draw enough support from primary voters to make any difference is slim since most of those disaffected voters abandoned their Democrat registration for either Independent or Republican long before the 2012 election.

Any old how. Those are my thoughts. We’ll see after tomorrow night how things shake out.

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  • October 12, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    Beautiful ‘shop! I saw this over on Twitter and rushed over here to see it for myself.

  • October 12, 2015 at 4:13 pm

    I like Webb. It would be a good thing if the debate gave him a boost in the polls.

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