I never cared what LeBron James had to say — no reason to start now

Let me just say at the outset that the only other sport I hate as much as football is basketball.

So you can understand why I had no idea what the hell this tweet was about.

Who the hell is Stephen Curry?!

Tim Curry I know.

But Stephen Curry? No clue.

Turns out he’s a basketball player – which explains why I never heard of him.

The only basketball player I know is Michael Jordan. Okay and Dr. J.

Oh, and Meadowlark Lemon.

Okay, I know three basketball players.

Any old how.

President Trump disinviting some basketball player I never heard of got another basketball player I never heard of really angry.

LeBron? That’s his name? Really?

He was named after a Chrysler?

Wait. No that’s not LeBron. That’s LeBaron.

Not knowing anything about this guy named after a Chrysler, I did a Duck-Duck-Go search and this is one of images that turned up.


Okay, right there, I have a really good reason not to give a crap about what this guy says.

But, just to recap: a guy named after an Indian spice is disinvited by the President and another guy named after a Chrysler is upset about it.

And apparently we’re all supposed to think this is brave and courageous.

So that’s how you become a President of the United States.

Silly me.

I’m sorry, Chris. I didn’t realize we lived in a country that determines its leader based on tweeting out the equivalent of “Nah-nah! He didn’t want to go anyway, so there!”

Good thing LeBaron … sorry … LeBron didn’t call Mr. Trump “Rocket Man.”

I hear that’s really un-presidential – not like calling someone a bum.

But Chris Hayes sees that tweet and thinks, “Wow. Presidential!”

Yeah, Chris. LeBron is so brave.

Nothing is braver or more courageous in today’s media culture than attacking Donald Trump.

It’s about as “brave” as coming out firmly against meat in the middle of a vegan restaurant.

Joy Villa is a thousand times more brave than Chrysler guy here.

And, let’s be honest. The only reason the media is giving LeBron any attention at all is because he shares their hatred and hostility toward the duly-elected President of the United States.

Are you at all surprised that attacking Donald Trump has turned him into the Hero Du Jour of the Left?

These are the same people who praised Kim Jong Un — a murderous dictator that puts his own people in concentration camps — for doing the same thing.

Their hatred for this President knows no bounds.

And to this day, they still don’t seem to realize that the more they attack him and celebrate those who attack him, the more we ordinary Americans tune them out.

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2 thoughts on “I never cared what LeBron James had to say — no reason to start now

  • September 23, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    Chris Hayes will take off his glasses and become Rachel Madcow.

  • September 23, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    “ain’t no invite” Guess there ain’t no grammar teachers where LeBron grew up?
    Newsflash: sports figures have declined to go to the White House in the past, even during the reign of King Obama. LeBron ain’t got his facts straight.

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