Never Trumpers: Listen up

I’d like to say a few things to the Never Trumpers, and I hope you’ll take the time to listen.

If you’ve read Patriot Retort with any regularity over the last year, you know that I have both defended Donald Trump and criticized him. In fact, I have been the subject of my own share of vitriolic attacks for my criticisms of Trump’s wavering positions and sometimes foolish behavior.

At the same time, I make no bones about my stringent opposition to Hillary Clinton.

I endorsed Ted Cruz for President and supported him during the primaries. I voted for him in the April 19 New York Primary and admit that it is disheartening that he did not win the nomination.

But the primaries are over.

Back in May, after Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, I wrote a post admitting that when it comes to the prospect of a Donald Trump nomination, I considered myself undecided. Not undecided between Hillary and Trump. I would never, ever even consider voting for Hillary Clinton. But undecided on whether I vote Libertarian, vote for Trump or simply leave the President line blank.

While there is still quite a bit about Donald Trump that bothers me, the events of these last couple weeks have helped me to decide.

I will vote for Donald Trump in November. I make this decision in part because Hillary Clinton must not become the forty-fifth President of the United States. But it is far more than that for me. I want this not-so-silent conquering of America by the Institutional Anti-American Left to be dealt a crippling blow.

Over the last several weeks, quite a few things have made it clear to me that Donald Trump seems to be delivering that blow to the Left. At the very least, his candidacy has forced their hand. They are revealing exactly who and what they are.

Here are a few of the pertinent factors that clinched it for me:

• The Orlando Terror Attack
In the wake of yet another ISIS attack on our soil, Hillary Clinton exploited the deaths of 49 people to advance her anti-gun agenda and pander to the “LGBT community.” Her indifference to the threat of ISIS in our country is not surprising given her indifference to the deaths of Americans in Benghazi.

Like Obama, Hillary wants to continue targeting law-abiding American citizens and vilifying the NRA and the “powerful gun lobby” to infringe on our Second Amendment rights. Like Obama, she refuses to even recognize the threat of radical Islam. Like Obama she will continue to bring in unvetted “refugees” from countries where ISIS flourishes.

But more so, the Institutional Left has used this terrorist attack to further divide the American people. So blinded by their hatred of regular Americans, even in the face of 49 dead by radical Islam, they are absurdly continuing to accuse “Republicans” of being a greater threat.

• The foolish Democrat “sit-in”
When it comes to the Left’s agenda, even the murder of 49 people by an Islamic radical is met with childish, petulant whining about guns. These Democrats made a mockery of those who died with this idiotic stunt. They showed no care or concern for national security. They behaved not like elected representatives of the American people, but like spoiled college snowflakes. They have become so committed to their anti-American agenda, even a modicum of professionalism and duty is too much for them. This shameful display will not be the last. If Hillary wins the White House, the demagoguery will continue — only this time, they will be the ones in power.

• The Brexit Vote
Listening to the Left vilify those Brits who chose their own sovereignty and national identity over the EU was revealing. This is how they feel about anyone who promotes nationhood over the Leftist agenda. Their condescension and viciousness toward not just the Pro-Brexit British, but toward Americans who celebrated Brexit told me quite a bit about what we’re up against.

• The Benghazi Report
We know the kind of commander-in-chief Hillary Clinton will be. The events leading up to and after the terrorist attack in Benghazi tells us everything we need to know. When our people were under attack, she and Obama were more concerned about the political fall-out than the loss of human life. She was more concerned with covering her own ass than rescuing our people.

But we are told to forget it, move on. Nothing to see here. Of course they want us to move on. This report is damaging to Hillary. It shows her to be an incompetent, self-serving fraud.

• The Lynch/Clinton meeting
The Left does not believe in “Equality under the law.” This meeting is a spotlight on the level of corruption we can expect from a Hillary Clinton Administration.

Her obscene thirst for power, her vainglorious ambition know no bounds.

If she wins the White House, this is what we can expect. It won’t stop. This corruption will never stop. Never.

• Obama is terrified of Trump
Rush Limbaugh always says that the Left tells you whom they fear by whom they attack. Even the Enslaved Press are beginning to notice that Donald Trump lives rent-free in Barack Obama’s head.

Over the last few weeks, Obama can’t shut up about him. He brings him up in virtually every speech — often without even uttering Trump’s name. And when he brings him up, Obama is shrill, defensive and clearly panicked.

The bottom line is this: What is good for Obama and the Democrats is bad for the country. Therefore, if someone scares the shit out of Obama or the Democrats in general, you can bet they’re feeling threatened. And I want them threatened.

• Elizabeth Warren’s shrill attacks on Trump
Trust me on this. Elizabeth Warren doesn’t particularly like Hillary Clinton. Hillary thrives in the very environment that makes Marxist Liz apoplectic. She’s not attacking Trump because she supports Hillary. She’s attacking Trump because she, like Obama, believes that Donald Trump will threaten the Leftward march of the country.

For me, the best endorsement for Donald Trump is taking stock of the people who oppose him.

Donald Trump is opposed by the Establishment elites who forced John McCain and Mitt Romney on us. The same elites who capitulated to Obama’s fundamental transformation time and time again.

Donald Trump is opposed by Barack Obama. This man is terrified of what a Donald Trump presidency will do to his attempts to fundamentally transform America. If Trump is a threat to Obama’s “legacy,” that’s good news.

Donald Trump is opposed by race mongers and social justice warriors who are crippling our law enforcement, destroying our universities and targeting the religious liberty of American citizens. If they’re feeling their ability to exploit supposed “victim status” is at risk, that too is a good thing.

Donald Trump is opposed by pro-Illegal Immigration groups who want Obama’s unfettered open borders to continue under Hillary Clinton.

Do you think these Social Justice demagogues and pro-illegal immigration groups would be staging these insane, violent protests at Trump rallies if he were not a threat to their continued destruction of America?

Never Trumpers

For years now, I have talked about the Left’s not-so-silent conquering of America. I wrote a book about it two years ago. I oppose the Left with every fiber of my being. The fact that every faction of the Institutional Left have become shrieking basket cases over Donald Trump is quite an endorsement.

I cannot sit out this election. And I will not passively help Hillary Clinton win the White House by voting down ballot and leaving the top of the ticket blank.

By his very candidacy and victory in the primaries, Donald Trump has succeeded in pulling the curtain back. We are seeing the complete hysterical meltdown of the Left. They are becoming even more demagogic.

Honestly? I didn’t know it was possible for them to become even more demagogic, but there you go.

If Donald Trump only had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning in November, these Leftists would be much more upbeat and happy right now. But they’re not, are they? They’re going ape-shit.

If the Left believed they still controlled the narrative, they wouldn’t be acting like hysterical fools.

If they did not fear losing hegemony over American politics and culture, trust me, they would not be screaming gloom and doom over Donald Trump. They would be laughing him off as an oddity.

But they’re not laughing, are they?

For the first time in a long while, the Left is scared of losing its stranglehold on this country.

But it isn’t Donald Trump they fear; he’s just the lightning rod. Whom they fear is the American people.

And I want them to be afraid.

I want them to lose.

These people do not want a strong America. They do not want a free America. They do not want a vibrant free market economy. They do not want us to live our lives unmolested by government.

They aren’t lining up to take out Donald Trump because they care about the future of the country and fear Trump would harm it. They are lining up to destroy Donald Trump to preserve their own power over us.

After years of the Left trying to terrify us into silence by accusing us of being racist, xenophobic, uncaring, greedy — you name it — they are the ones who are terrified.

For me, this isn’t about Donald Trump. This is about stopping the Left. This is about pulling the curtain back and showing the country just how dangerous these Leftist are.

The Left overplayed its hand in electing Barack Obama. They were the ones who brought their silent coup into the light of day.

Donald Trump’s candidacy is our push-back against this not-so-silent conquering of America — not because Donald Trump is going to save us or single-handedly change the country. He is no savior, any more than Barack Obama was.

Like I said. He is the lightning rod.

And though he is an imperfect vessel, his candidacy brought to the surface exactly what we are up against. He has forced the Left’s hand and revealed them for the wretched, hateful people they are.

That is all the reason I need to cast my vote for him.

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6 thoughts on “Never Trumpers: Listen up

  • July 1, 2016 at 5:05 pm

    I will not disparage anyone who votes for Trump as a “thumb in the dike” (pardon the pun) measure against Hillary. Barring a coup at the convention, I believe Hillary will beat Trump like a rented mule.

    Saw a piece comparing Trump’s polling numbers in the same polls & time periods as McCain & Romney.
    Trump polls consistently lower.

  • July 1, 2016 at 11:47 pm

    And that is the reason my faith in the analytical integrity of Dianny has been restored. The form of the lightning rod, or the “destructor,” is irrelevant. What is important, is that those bastards be afraid of the American people whom they hate so very much. Go forth and preach, Dianny. Your words are sweet to those who labor in Lady Liberty’s service.

  • July 2, 2016 at 12:33 am

    AMEN DIANNY!! THANK YOU!! YOU HAVE RAISED A BANNER FOR FREEDOM as only you could. I too don’t trust tRumph as far as I can throw his sorry a$$. But, I can read the writing on the wall. ANYTHING WOULD BE BETTER THAN FRIGGIN HITLERY!!! I too will vote for this incoherent, windy, bragard to stop the wretched witch of the east. I too will pull the lever for someone I abhore, to prevent someone even worse from taking the country further down the rabbit hole. One way or another it is going to be yuge. Lock and load! It is time to wake the flock up America!! Rally around the flag boys and girls. We have to make a stand now. This next 30-45 days are going to be pure hell unleashed on earth. These progressive demons are going to howl, and I for one will prod them every chance I get. Weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth! Oh Yeah!! What difference can it make? We shall see, we shall see. I can finally use my red and blue face paint (damn talk about painting up a turd). I hereby declare war on these bat rastards! This is what the 4th of July is all about!!

  • July 2, 2016 at 10:59 am

    Well, they say you have to hit rock bottom before you can make a recovery. Apparently, Obama wasn’t rock bottom so we’ll have to see if Hillary is. Now seeing how American isn’t quite smart enough to see through Don tRump I believe she deserves what’s coming her way in the form of Hillary. Have fun with the choice of Hillary or Hillary slightly light.

  • July 3, 2016 at 9:19 am

    Yes because Billary must be stopped. She cannot have the luxury of adding 2-3 Supreme Court Justices over the next 4 years because we will see a 6-3 liberal court that we will be stuck with for the next several decades. With the SCOTUS in their pocket finally, its game over for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and any other road blocks that hold back their insane power grabs.

    Trump, could care less about him. However, at least with Trump he can be goaded into making decent picks for the SCOTUS and keep it away from total lib power. Nevertrumpers can cry all they want about Trump might put liberals on the court. Yes, the key word is might, not definite like if Hillary is President. I’ll roll the dice with Trump. In four years if he is a crap President, he can easily be topped in the 2020 primaries and sent to the dustbin of history. If Billary becomes President, you know she will be with us for the next 8 years.

    Nevertrumpers can also cry that Trump might cost the Republicans the House and Senate. Yeah and????? What have the House and Senate under Republican control done for ya the past 6 years except play patsy to Obama? So at this point costing us the House and Senate is really not going to change anything if Hillary is President because Rino Ryan and Patsy McConnell will roll over for her too.

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