New to the Blog Roll

New to the Blog Roll

I wanted to highlight a relatively new site that is new to the Blog Roll here at Patriot Retort.

Social News Watch is a filter site for conservative news — much like what the Drudge Report used to be. It was just recently launched by RedState’s J.D. Rucker — who announced its launch over at RedState this past week.

Here’s a bit from SNW’s “About” page:

Social News Watch has a very particular goal of delivering the important news with the proper slant that’s important to the people. Many will cringe at the thought of news with a slant, but it’s a naive sentiment. All news is slanted. All news is geared in some way to represent an agenda. We try to find the balance so we can ever-so-slightly slant it in the other direction, the right direction. The different with the slant that Social News Watch puts on it is that the slant is towards the people. We do not take bribes, irrelevant news releases, or “hush money” from any entities. Conservatism is an ideology that is under-served in the media.
Even within the conservative movement, there is currently strife. Sites like Drudge and Breitbart take their love affair with Donald Trump too far. We believe that Trump is not a conservative outside of his immigration ideas. We also believe that Ted Cruz is a conservative and we’ve endorsed him since late last year. With that said, we are not a “Ted Cruz Fan Site.” We have no connection with the campaign, any of his Super PACs, or any other interested parties. If he steps out of line with what’s best for the country, we’ll be the first to call him out on it as well.

If you’re looking for a great news filter site for conservatism, this may be just the place for you. Give Social News Watch a lookie-loo. I think you may want to bookmark it.

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