Newton was right

Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of physics states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton was right. But not just in physics. Newton’s Third Law pretty much holds true across the board.

Two years ago, I wrote a book called Liberals Gone WILD!!! The Not-So-Silent Conquering of America that examines the Left’s attempts to overthrow America as it was founded and fundamentally transform this country — through education, politics, culture, you name it.

For fifty years now, this not-so-silent coup has been galloping along nearly unfettered. It is inevitable that with this action, we would see an equal and opposite reaction or push-back.

And I believe that push-back is precisely the reason Donald Trump has become the Republican nominee for President.

This is neither an endorsement or a criticism. I’m just telling it like it is. We Americans have been pushed, and pushed and pushed for decades now. Push-back was inevitable. A large segment of the country sees in Donald Trump the inevitable “equal and opposite reaction.” Is he the best vehicle for this? Probably not. Personally, I would have preferred that the leader of this counterculture be someone invested in restoring the Republic.

The problem isn’t Trump. It isn’t his supporters. The problem is the Left. The Left pushed so hard for so long that any reasonable, principled response became less and less likely. Especially given the fact that those in whom we placed our trust to fight back — namely the Republican Party — surrendered to the Left without so much as a whimper.

The reason I bring up my book Liberals Gone WILD!!! The Not-So-Silent Conquering of America isn’t just to give it a plug. Although, PLUG! It is because sometimes to understand what is happening this moment, it helps to have a little bit of a recap of what we’re up against. And I thought I would feature a section of the book for you here.

This segment comes from Chapter Seven, “The Downsizing of American Culture,” and it’s called Self-Loathing in America.

When you read it, consider the reaction on the Left to Donald Trump. Consider the news stories of the defacing of war memorials. Consider Black Lives Matter. Consider everything that is happening today. When you think about it, I think you’ll understand why I say that Donald Trump is the “equal and opposite reaction” to the Left.

Self-Loathing in America
And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free.
And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.
And I’d gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land
God bless the U.S.A.
[Refrain from Proud to be American by Lee Greenwood]

Back in the early nineties when this song came out, I was still living in the dark night of Liberalism. I and my fellow Liberal friends were genuinely offended by this song.

It was arrogant to sing about being proud to be American.

We Americans, why we were awful, hateful, racist, xenophobic, imperialistic war mongers. And only a bunch of awful, hateful, racist, xenophobic, imperialistic war mongers would sing about being proud to be that.

This is all part of the plan, my friends.

Liberals do not want Americans feeling pride at being American.

Liberals want to drum into our heads that we are not exceptional.

Liberals want to convince each and every one of you that America does not have a culture, let alone a culture to be proud of.

The French, the Mexicans, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Venezuelans, the Haitians, hell, pretty much every other country on earth has a culture.

But not America.

Oh, no! We steal from others! We devour 25% of the world’s resources!

We are evil, awful, hateful, stupid, backwards yahoos!

Let’s review goals #29-31 of the 45 goals of Communism:
29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”
31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

Barack Obama has kicked this into overdrive since he ascended to the throne.

One of his first acts as President was to fly off to Europe and repeatedly apologize for American arrogance, dismissiveness and derisiveness. And, when he was asked directly if he believed in American Exceptionalism, Obama told his French audience:

“I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

Would a President who loved the country he leads feel the need to scurry over to Europe and Cairo and make speeches apologizing on our behalf?

But for Obama, the need to apologize for America is reflexive. He can’t help himself. It’s as if he suffers from Tourette Syndrome and involuntarily burps out apologies for this arrogant, subpar nation that he’s been saddled with.

Poor Obama.

To be stuck being President of a stinky, yucky country like the United States of America.

We Americans are nothing but a bunch of haters who do things that aren’t good for us. We cling to God and our guns. We like NASCAR and beer nuts. We eat sugar and trans fats. And we take our sodas in plastic cups that are far too large for our own good.

We listen to country music and stand in long lines to meet people like the icky Sarah Palin.

We watch “Duck Dynasty” and love Phil Robertson!

We want children to be raised in a home with parents. To make matters worse, we actually believe that parents know what is best for their own children.

What kind of monsters are we?!

We actually believe charity is something you give freely. What kind of kooks would believe that?! Charity is the sole work of Government. If you really believed in charity, you would pay more in taxes so the Government can determine who gets the money! Only people who want to take us back to the time of Jim Crow or slavery would think donating to your church is charity.

We Americans are all supposed to stand still and allow multi-billionaires like Oprah Winfrey call us racists. Not only that! We should be thanking her for calling us racists. We should be praising her bravery and courage at calling us racists.

Because, we are a bunch of racists, you know. If you are white and American, you are hardwired that way.

Look at us!

We stand holding American flags cheering veterans who march in Memorial Day Parades.

We wear patriotic T-shirts and put “support our troops” bumper-stickers on our gas-guzzling SUVs.

Stupid, backwards Americans — always talking about Liberty.

Actually believing in freedom of religion or freedom of speech.

Liberals really do believe that we’re too selfish and arrogant, dismissive and derisive to ever know that we are the reason this country is no good, and Obama is trying to make it better — to Fundamentally Transform it into a great nation.

There’s nothing special about us, our way of life or our founding.

There is absolutely nothing exceptional about us.

Newton was right

In the fall of 2013, Vladimir Putin, former KGB officer and man-boob-flashing dictator of Russia penned an op-ed for the New York Times where he lambasted the American People for believing in American Exceptionalism.

Rush Limbaugh fired back with both barrels.

From the transcript of Rush’s show:

“The vast majority of the people of this world since the beginning of time have never known the kind of liberty and freedom that’s taken for granted every day in this country. Most people have lived in abject fear of their leaders. Most people have lived in abject fear of whoever held power over them. Most people in the world have not had plentiful access to food and clean water. It was a major daily undertaking for most people to come up with just those two basic things.

“Just surviving was the primary occupation of most people in the world. The history of the world is dictatorship, tyranny, subjugation, whatever you want to call it of populations — and then along came the United States of America. Pilgrims were the first to come here seeking freedom from all of that. They were oppressed because of their religion. They were told they had to believe in the king and his god, whatever it was, or they would be imprisoned.

“They led an exodus from Europe to this country, people of the same mind-set. They simply wanted to escape the tyranny of their ordinary lives. This country was founded that way. For the first time in human history, a government and country was founded on the belief that leaders serve the population. This country was the first in history, the EXCEPTION — e-x-c-e-p-t, except. The exception to the rule is what American exceptionalism is.

“It is because of this liberty and freedom that our country exists, because the founders recognized it comes from God. It’s part of the natural yearning of the human spirit. It is not granted by a government. It’s not granted by Putin. It’s not granted by Obama or any other human being. We are created with the natural yearning to be free, and it is other men and leaders throughout human history who have suppressed that and imprisoned people for seeking it.

The US is the first time in the history of the world where a government was organized with a Constitution laying out the rules, that the individual was supreme and dominant, and that is what led to the US becoming the greatest country ever because it unleashed people to be the best they could be. Nothing like it had ever happened. That’s American exceptionalism. Putin doesn’t know what it is, Obama doesn’t know what it is, and it just got trashed in the New York Times. It’s just unacceptable.” [Emphasis mine]

How beautifully put. How perfectly articulated.

How completely threatening to Liberalism’s war on America.

The United States of America is unique in the history of the world. And our uniqueness is the very thing that stands in the way of this conquering of our nation.

So Liberals intend to beat it out of us.

They do so through the schools. They teach our children that America was founded by slave-owning, rich white guys. They teach our children that if you are white you have this mystical shield called “white privilege” for which you must feel all manner of guilt and shame. They teach our children that America was selfish and greedy. They teach our children that the sin of slavery is such a huge blot on our history as to nullify any good we have done in the world.

They do so through our popular culture. They portray just plain American folks in “flyover country” as backwards hayseeds who, in the words of our own President, “cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them.”

They mock a young man like Tim Tebow, the football player and devout Christian who prayed openly on the field, while they praise the bravery of another football player for no other reason than he sleeps with boys.

They scoff at Americans who hunt. Who own guns. Who homeschool their children. Who wait until marriage to have sex. Who pray.

They vilify you if you own a business. Because “if you have a business. You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

If you believe you should keep the money you work hard to earn, they call you greedy and selfish.

And while they attack us, Liberals work tirelessly to cast themselves as the ones who really care about the American people.

But they don’t care about the American people.

More to the point, they hate the American People.

Hollywood is a prime example of this, aren’t they?

Most people with businesses respect and appreciate their customers. Not the Liberals in Hollywood. They despise their customers. And they seek every possible opportunity to show them just how much they are despised.

Mental midgets like Cher and Bette Midler take to the Twitters to vilify the very Americans on whom they depend to purchase their music or go to their movies. The calls us “Teabaggers” or “F*cking Teabaggers.” The call us “racists” and “ignorant.”

Those creeps are embarrassed by you. They think you’re stupid and close-minded. They mock you if you tear up at the singing of “God Bless America” or hold your hand over your heart when the Star Spangled Banner is sung at a ball game.

They want your money.

They want you to watch as they live-tweet from whatever fancy event they attend.

They want you buying their music, watching their TV shows, or seeing their movies.

But they really do hate you.

And it isn’t just Hollywood.

All Liberals hate you.

Look at my Governor, Andrew Cuomo, who not long ago proclaimed that those of us who are pro-life or pro-Second Amendment have no place in New York State.

This is from Andrew Cuomo’s website:
“Throughout his life, Andrew Cuomo has been a forceful voice for change in New York. His lifelong commitment to hard work, public service, and the people he serves has led to Andrew’s recognition as a true innovator and a principled and determined leader. [Emphasis on laughable portion is mine.]

Andrew Cuomo does not “serve” the people of New York. We serve him. And if you do not toe the line, if you do not agree, you are to get the hell out.

Because at the end of the day, Andrew Cuomo really does hate you.

He wants the tax revenue you pro-life, pro-Second Amendment New Yorkers pay, but he despises you. Deeply.

Look at Democrat Darling, Wendy Davis and the amalgamation of odious freaks from her campaign for Texas Governor.

Oh, Wendy Davis, she really cares about Texans. She is there for the little guy. She is just like you! She knows all about your struggles because she struggled too.

Leave aside for a moment the fact that the only struggle Wendy Davis appears to have had is staying married to a guy long enough to get him to pay her way through Harvard. Everything that has emerged about Wendy Davis reveals the truth. Wendy Davis thinks so little of her constituents, that she lies like a two-bit hustler about every detail of her life. She thinks so little of the very people she wants voting for her that when caught in a lie, she lies some more and acts offended that her lies were revealed.

Because, she really does hate you.

She needs you to vote for her. But, honey, she hates you.

Look at Hillary Clinton.

You think if Hillary Clinton really cared about her “good friend Chris,” she would have shrieked “What difference at this point does it make?!” Her “good friend Chris” begged for added security. She ignored him. He warned the State Department about al Qaeda and other Muslim terrorists in Benghazi. She ignored him.

If that is how Hillary Clinton treats someone she claims is her “good friend,” imagine how she would treat the people she despises.

Do you think if Hillary Clinton really did care about black people as much as she cares about getting their votes that she would stand in a church and do a pretend black accent (“I ain’t in no ways tahrrrrred”)?

No, it isn’t that Hillary hates blacks specifically.

She just hates everybody.

All Liberals do.

Look at Obama. This guy loves to talk about how much he cares about the poor. How much he wants to lift people out of poverty. He talks about a strong middle class. He says, “God bless the United States of America” at the end of the speeches he reads.

Obama doesn’t give a damn about you. Any of you.

Neither does his pampered, spoiled, hectoring wife.

You know how people feel about you, not by what they say in speeches written by others, but by their actions.

What has Obama done? He has driven up the unemployment rate. He has increased the number of people living in poverty. He has created a racially divisive climate. He has demonized “the rich” while living like a king. He has made it harder for the American people to afford groceries, gas, rent, utilities.

What specifically has he done that shows his deep caring or respect for Americans?

He lied to our faces forcefully and repeatedly. If you like your plan, you can keep it. Period.

It’s easy to lie when you really do hate the people you are lying to.

Nothing Obama has done in office reflects any deep respect or caring for the American people.


Because Liberals hate this country. They hate Americans. They think we are arrogant, dismissive, derisive, and “downright mean.”

Nobody who really does care about the American People would continue this crippling spending that is saddling not only us, but future generations of Americans with debt that we have no hope of ever being able to pay.

Nobody who really does care about the American people would ever vote for a train wreck of a law like Obamacare when the majority of Americans didn’t want it. Nor would anybody who cares about the American people, upon seeing the utter confusion, disruption and desolation Obamacare has caused, flatly refuse to even consider repealing it.

Nobody who really does care about the American People would ever dream of undermining our national sovereignty and turning our borders into floodgates that are flung wide open — overrunning our nation and our economy with more unemployment, more crime, more poverty and more dependency.

Liberalism’s entire end is to conquer this nation from within.

You don’t seek to do that to a people whom you respect and care about.

You only do that to a people whom you despise, to a people you see as the enemy.

And for Liberals, you are the enemy.

And they will scoff at you, belittle you, mock you, disparage you.

They will slander our Founders.

They will force you to apologize for “white privilege.”

They will spit on the greatness of this nation. A nation that vanquished the tyranny of the Soviet Union. A nation that vanquished the Nazis.

No other slave-holding nation in the history of the world went to war with itself to abolish slavery.

Only the United States of America did that.

Because we are exceptional. We are a nation founded in the belief that our rights come from God. We are a nation founded on the very bedrock of individual liberty.

And that, my friends, is precisely why they hate us.


Do you understand now why voters would rally behind Trump’s campaign? We have been attacked and vilified by Hollywood, by politicians, by the Enslaved Press. We have been treated like second-class citizens while illegal aliens are treated with respect and deference. We have watched the so-called “opposition party” roll over and surrender rather than fight back. And along comes a man who not only recognizes the anger and frustration, but actually pushes back.

It’s no wonder at all that Trump has been so successful in this campaign.

Newton was right. The Trump movement is the “equal and opposite reaction” to the Left. I believe that explains why the Left have become so completely unhinged over Donald Trump’s candidacy. He scares the shit out of them — not because of what he would or wouldn’t do as President. I really don’t think it has to do with Donald Trump at all, really. Trump is just the catalyst. What terrifies the Left is what his campaign has stirred among the American people.

I’m not saying it is a good thing or a bad thing. Some of what Trump has evoked has been beneficial; some, not so much. My point is, it was inevitable. This push-back was bound to happen.

It’s just the basic laws of physics.

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