No, I don’t think Conservatives should quit Twitter

The Twitter Birds

Invariably when you write about the lunatics at Twitter, you are told “Just drop Twitter and get on GAB!”

Yeah, sure. Okay.

I understand that impulse to simply pack it in and quit.

For decades folks on the Right mastered the art of surrendering territory to the Left. And that’s a really hard habit to kick.

But I’m done being a member of the Surrender Caucus. Aren’t you?

Monday, Julie Kelly had a great column over at American Greatness titled Conservatives, Don’t Quit Twitter. And I have to say, I’m in thunderous agreement with what she wrote.

But, despite its flaws, the reality is that Twitter is ground zero in our ongoing political war. Having utterly failed to infiltrate the country’s one-sided media behemoth, or hold news organizations responsible in any way for their egregious political bias and dishonesty, the Right has no choice but to fight back on Twitter. And for now, there is no other serious alternative or legitimate replacement in the offing.

It is the only public forum where you can instantly call out a journalist for lousy news coverage or condemn a politician for bad behavior. In just the past week, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) had to walk back his tweet threatening to use nuclear weapons against disobedient gun owners, and Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) had to delete a tweet that suggested the use of tear gas at the southern border violated international laws on chemical weapons. Without Twitter, those ridiculous comments would have gone unanswered.

And if Conservatives pack it in and leave Twitter, those “ridiculous comments” will never get challenged.

Moving on.

When the Left tries to exploit any tragedy such as a mass shooting or deadly wildfire for political gain, informed people on Twitter can quickly debunk rumors and misinformation. For example, while the media tried to whitewash the attempted breach at our border by illegal immigrants over the weekend, Twitter users were able to share video and first-hand accounts of what was really happening.

Twitter can quickly unite political allies in a way no other space can. Is there any doubt that the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh would have turned out differently but for Twitter? Yes, the site helped fuel vicious lies about the Supreme Court nominee, but it also provided a forum for supporters to rise up against those lies and attacks. Hashtags such as #IbelieveBrett and #confirmKavanaughnow galvanized the judge’s supporters faster than any traditional media outlet could even attempt to do. Twitter can offer immediate virtual courage to wavering politicians when they may not otherwise have it.

Let me give you a couple of examples on how having Conservatives on Twitter stopped fake news in its tracks.

Just a short time ago, the New York Times published a hit piece regarding Ambassador Nikki Haley and a set of really expensive curtains purchased during the Obama Administration. Remember that?

Like wildfire, the story was promoted all over Twitter by Leftists wanting to make Nikki Haley – and by extension President Trump – look bad.

But for the fact that Conservatives on Twitter called out the New York Times for their flagrantly dishonest headline, it would have gone unchallenged.

After the relentlessness of Conservative Twitter, the New York Times was forced to issue a correction.

And let’s look at an example from just yesterday.

The shoddy Guardian reported a completely unverified, anonymously-sourced tall tale about Paul Manafort meeting with Julian Assange in 2016.

And once again, the blue-checkmark “journalists” and “pundits” leapt all over it like a starving hyena on a rotting corpse.

But within hours the story began to fall apart faster than an old sweater in the spin cycle.

If every Conservative left Twitter, there would have been nobody there to point out loudly and repeatedly that the story was crap. More than likely, the Guardian wouldn’t have bothered making all those stealth “corrections” to the piece because nobody would have called them out for this obviously stupid, unsubstantiated story.

Now, if we all retreat to GAB, how will that work out?

Julie Kelly is right, Twitter has become openly hostile to those of us on the Right.

But the solution isn’t to tuck our tails between our legs and scamper away. We aren’t French.

Do we really want to be like “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

This is what we did with the entertainment industry, colleges and universities, public schools, mainstream news – the list is endless.

Aren’t you tired of relinquishing ground to the Left?

This “We can’t beat ‘em. We don’t want to try. So let’s all get on GAB and talk to each other about the culture we no longer have any part in!” attitude doesn’t sound much like winning to me.

And look, I’m not slamming GAB. I have an account there. Though, to be honest, I haven’t been keeping up with it at all. I haven’t posted anything there in months. Mostly because I never remember to.

But Julie Kelly is right; Twitter is the center ring in this political and cultural battle for our country.

Now, it’s true that we might never change the mind of any Leftist on Twitter.

But staying on Twitter isn’t about changing minds; it’s about standing your ground. It’s about standing up for what you know is right and true. It’s about fighting back against the always-encroaching Left.

Somebody has to man the battlements and make sure that the lies, slanders and smears perpetrated by the news media, politicians, celebrities and doofus “pundits” get called out.

Sure, Twitter might purge us all eventually. Heaven knows they want to.

But like I said, we’re not French. We don’t take that kind of crap lying down. And we don’t surrender territory before shots are fired.

Stay and fight. Keep up the pressure. Force them to force you out.

At least you’ll know that you didn’t go down without a fight.

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5 thoughts on “No, I don’t think Conservatives should quit Twitter

  • November 28, 2018 at 8:33 pm

    You’re up for the fight, Lupus not keeping you down. I ventured onto Twitter ONCE and ran away. God bless you for fighting in more ways than one.

  • November 29, 2018 at 12:16 am

    Maybe one day when they learn, Republican Party will return…create owner-operated social media and break up the monopoly.

  • November 29, 2018 at 5:33 am

    Preaching to the choir does little good.

  • November 29, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    I can’t quit Twitter. I never joined.

  • December 4, 2018 at 11:11 am


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