Nobody knows the trouble she’s seen

Poor Michelle Obama.

Nobody knows just how hard her life has been over the last eight years.

At least that’s what she told Oprah.

“People don’t really understand how hard this is,” she kvetched.

Oh, boo hoooooooo

Michelle’s life has been sooooooo hard!

Nobody knows the trouble she’s seen.
Nobody knows but Michelle.

I don’t know how she can say “people don’t really understand how hard this is.”

The woman has been complaining and bitching for eight years.

She compared living in the White House to being in a prison for Pete’s sake.

I’m sure spending eight years traveling the world courtesy of the American taxpayer is super hard, Michelle.

It’s hard work getting to spend three weeks of the summer in Martha’s Vineyard and three weeks in the winter in Hawaii.

Oh, I can’t even imagine!

My heart breaks for her.

When I saw the clip from Oprah’s interview over at the Gateway Pundit, my first thought was, “There she goes again.”

“Let me just tell America: this is hard.”

Which part?

The vacations? The free designer dresses? Having an army of staff to see to your every need?

Say, did you know that Michelle’s staff includes both a “Director of Correspondence” and a “Deputy Associate Director of Correspondence?”

The woman doesn’t even have to write her own correspondence!

But life is so damn hard!

Then, this morning, I stumbled across an article at the UK Daily Mail that really confirmed for me that Michelle has got herself one hard-knock life.

It’s looking like Michelle will receive a $20 million advance to write a memoir.

Oh, dear. My heart just bleeds for her.

And high-ranking publishing insiders are talking at least another ‘$20 million’ in an advance paycheck for First Lady Michelle Obama’s long-awaited – and highly anticipated – memoir about her eight White House years.
A source claims she’s been quietly working on her book already.

Whattaya suppose she’ll title it?

Life in Hell: My eight years in the White House prison

Michelle is the type of person who would complain to a cancer-stricken friend about her intolerable pain from a hangnail.

Who in her right mind would think that Americans who have been hit with so much economic misery and uncertainty over the last eight years would want to hear a rich, pampered, privileged woman bitch about her life being hard?

You know, in the horse-race of who is the bigger complainer, I really think Michelle will beat out Barack in a photo-finish.

Fifteen more days, my friends.

Fifteen more days.

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6 thoughts on “Nobody knows the trouble she’s seen

  • January 5, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    whatta ya wanna bet that it’s a YUGE flop? 95% of her fans have never read a newspaper much less a book. now if it’s considered a civil right to get a copy, like a cell phone it might move.

    • January 5, 2017 at 12:48 pm

      I can see the first chapter opening ,”….forced to subsist in a 132 room hovel was bad enough, but then, it was called the WHITE house….ohhh the despair and degradation!”

      • January 5, 2017 at 12:51 pm

        “AND IT WAS BUILT BY SLAVES!!!!!! Oh Lordy, I need a vacation!”

        • January 5, 2017 at 3:00 pm

          Since there’s no way to give you a thumbs up for that….. I’ll have to go…OHHH MYYYYYYY!

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