Nobody has a right to demand we play along with delusion

I’m sure you’ve heard that Donald Trump lifted Barack Obama’s wrong-headed Potty Perversion Dictate.

And really? How could you not hear. It’s all the Enslaved Press is talking about.

From the way they’re behaving you would think there is a Constitutional right to demand we play along with the delusions of the mentally ill.

And of course, if we don’t want to play along, we’re intolerant.

But since when is not wanting to indulge the delusions of the mentally ill “intolerance?”

My grandmother was a paranoid schizophrenic. Among her many delusions was the belief that shadowy men were following her around and spraying her with “headache drugs.”

Now, according to the “transsexual apologists,” I should have played along with my grandmother’s crazy talk.

They would have expected me to encourage her delusion – perhaps even let myself get wrapped up in it.

For these morons, the way to handle my grandmother would have been to call 911.

No, silly! Not to have her committed.

But to report these shadowy men to the police.

“No, officer. They don’t really exist. But my grandmother is a paranoid schizophrenic. And she believes they exist. So, we have to play along. Could you just send an patrol car out here to take her complaint?”

Of course, on Planet Earth, that isn’t the way to deal with the mentally ill.

Not only is it a waste of civic resources to indulge these delusions, it’s also not doing the sick person any favors.

You don’t play along with someone’s psychotic delusion.

It’s cruel.

But that is exactly what these “transgender apologists” are demanding we do.

In fact, they believe the gender-confused have a right to demand we do it.

Men who think they’re women and women who think they’re men aren’t “transgendered.”

They have a mental disorder.

The science is settled my friends.

There are two genders. And those genders are determined by chromosomes, not by feelings.

Pumping your body full of hormones and mutilating it doesn’t turn an XY human into an XX human.

All that results is an XY human with a mutilated body pumped full of hormones.

For Pete’s sake. This is indisputable.

If you want to pretend you’re the opposite gender, I have no responsibility or obligation to play along with your delusion.

And you have no right to demand that I play along.

What’s more, the Federal Government has no business forcing people to play along.


By the thinking of the “transgender apologists,” if someone identifies as Jesus Christ, the Federal Government should force Christian Churches to recognize him as their Savior. And if churches refuse, the Federal Government can withhold their tax-exempt status.

Take it from someone who grew up around mental illness. It is a tragically sad and painful thing both for the mentally ill and for their families.

And my grandmother would not have been helped in any way by us playing along with her schizophrenic delusions.

I think it is awful how people suffering from a psychological disorder are being exploited by the Institutional Left.

Trust me. Leftists don’t care about them. Instead, these gender-confused individuals are just a catspaw – useful pawns in the Left’s war against our culture.

Normalizing mental illness isn’t “compassionate.” And it isn’t proof that you are “tolerant.”

If anything, it is cruel and inhumane.

The compassionate thing would be to try and get them help.

Not force the Federal Government to coerce everybody else into playing along.

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One thought on “Nobody has a right to demand we play along with delusion

  • February 24, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    The sad truth about our time, and”science”, since the Liberal Progressive monolith of Academy controls the research, end findings, and peer review publications….whatever they say is valid scientifically, medically, biologically…becomes the norm.
    World Health Organization is about 10 months away from releasing it’s ICD-11 (International Classification of Diseases ) in 2018…and it will no longer classify Transgender Dysphoria as a mental illness…. apparently based on a study of 250 patients at a Mexico City hospital getting gender related health services.

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